Friday, October 22, 2010

Red Bull Presents Megahurtz: November 13th 2010, Vancouver, Canada

Just about 1 yr ago, Red Bull curated this event called Megahurtz. Set up as part of the Pop Mtl festivities, this was an event which featured the new sound of electronic, but also what has become a very crucial component of the live show, visuals: essentially a high voltage a/v show. Last October we were lucky enough to witness the much talked about Nosaj Thing visual show, which @ the time was in a very beta form. His visual show has since flourished and so has this event.
2010, Red Bull Megahurtz takes it's a/v extravaganza to Vancouver and will feature a heavy list of guests for the night.

I've been told there's going to a room entirely done in 3D. Wowsers. What did you say your bra size was dear?? LOL. But all in seriousness, this will be a must if you're in the Vancouver areas. Sh*t, I'm trying to make it down there...

Featured will be some hella talented cats, some of which were featured last year, and some RBMA grads/friends as well:

Felix Cartal
Azari and III
Black Milk
Love & Electrik

Proceeds from the event will support W2's efforts to build an inner-city media centre for Vancouver's Downtown Eastside: Creative Technology. Make sure to hit up for more deets, and all ticket info. And, maybe i'll see you there... in f u l l 3 d .


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