Friday, October 22, 2010

RBMA Radio: Pop Up Studio During ADE

So, Amsterdam Dance Event aka ADE is on and popping right now. Lots of friends out there right now, which makes it even harder not being there (Shouts King Kong and Jay), but technology is a b*tch.
The good ppl @ Red Bull Music Academy Radio are running a full pop up studio/radio station w/ live interviews and sets right from the ADE itself. Bananas.

I had the pleasure of wasting most of the day away listening to the Africa Hitech interview w/ Emma Jean as well as ridiculous set they layed down. Nuts.
With the time diff, we're looking @ essentially two more days, but two days well worth tuning into. The rest of the schedule On Air schedule looks something like this (mind you, this is local time in Amsterdam, so subtrack 6hrs from the time for EST - right?)

Saturday October 23, 12-10pm
Shed, Prosumer, Marcel Dettman, Steffi, Guillaume & Coutu Dumonts, Culoe de Song, Tony Lionni, Abe Duque, Newworldaquarium, Aroy Dee

Sunday October 24, 12-10pm
Border Community feat. James Holden, Luke Abbott, Kate Wax and more

You can click below and start to listen in immediately. And enjoy.

RBMA Radio Player


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