Friday, October 29, 2010

Nosaj Thing: Drift Remixed [DWNLD]

A few yrs back, I tried to catch up w/ Nosaj Thing @ sxsw. #badlook #fail. Too nutty. Dude, had 5 gigs in like 3 days... Was crazy. But I essentially wanted to sit down w/ dude as I felt something was brewing here. Then the critically acclaimed Drift dropped. Ok. And after a steady humble bubble and build, he's made quite the name for himself. Indeed.
FFWD to ahora, I've have the chance of rawking w/ dude a handful of times, and seen him a few more. It's safe to say that SoCal's Nosaj Thing is wowing 'em all over the globe with that midi mastery, dimly lit dramatic Drift sh*t, along side the much talked about a/v experience that he now brings to the theatre.
We are now being delighted w/ a Drift remix record. Yay.

I love remixes. You know I'm not so much that nostalgia dude, but I've said in the past that remixes bring me back to a delightful decade when wax had a single and included a rmx.
So Drift Remixed. Someone like Nosaj Thing who's certain to have a remix rolodex bigger than the Wheel Of Fortune might have had a harder time wondering who to ask for a remix than it was to decide which ones made the cut. But the Elite Eight were the following:
Low Limit, Dorian Concept, Teebs, Jamie xx, Daedelus, Dntel, Jon Hopkins and Take.

Right off the bat, Low Limit's rework of Quest is just STELLAR. He slows the original to a magnificent melancholic masterpiece, echoing these chopped chants with a dash of piano larghetto. That was then followed by a classic Dorian Concept rendition that is true to form. Starting out just as eerie, maintaining Low Limit's mood, but then slowly building up the tempo, eventually taking us to that Dorian Concept space, that frenzied and oft dizzying pace from the Lord of the micro Korg. Shouts to Juha @ Viral Radio who made me listen to it again for confirmation. ;)
Teebs also delivers another stunningly beautiful remix, pollenating your senses w/ his sonic arrangements, using his green 404 (boom) to bring the reworked Caves to full bloom. Dope.
Along for the curated remix record is Jamie xx, who submits his version of Fog with this sorcerous & macabre break, which then leads back into some tempo bizness. Sick.
Regardless, there's a bit for everyone on this record, and if you enjoy this and don't have the original, time to cop both. And it you owned the original Alpha Pup release, this is a must.


1. Quest (Low Limit Remix)
2. Voices (Dorian Concept Remix)
3. Us (Dntel Remix)
4. Caves (Teebs Remix)
5. Fog (Jamie xx Remix)
6. Us (Jon Hopkins Remix)
7. Coat of Arms (Daedelus Remix)
8. Light #1 (Take Remix)

Nosaj Thing || Quest (Low Limit Remix)

Nosaj Thing || Fog (Jamie xx Remix) || download (courtesy of Pitchfork)

Drift Remixed will be out Nov 2nd.

Say wrd.


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