Monday, October 11, 2010

The Gaslamp Killer: Death Gate EP [DWNLD]

With 10 10 10 now behind us, we can all now enjoy the The Gaslamp Killer's new EP in it's full fidelity.

I personally have always been a fan of the EP format, seeing that you can keep a little bit of music in the market year round and keep a touring schedule.
The Gaslamp Killer, west coast wanderer that he is has done just that. Just about one year after his 1st EP, comes this second: Death Gate EP.
True to his influences, he injects a little bit of all his loves into on concise and tight 15 minute recording.
From his adoration for _____-step (what do we call it this week?), electronic, psych rock and go 'ol fashioned hip hop, we all get to tag along on this inner journey, riding with Gonjasufi on shotgun, Computer Jay, Mophono & Mike Burnham.

Faves of mine: Fun Over 100, a double time bizness track with a simple but sinister bassline and organ solo. Car Pool Dummy featuring bay area Mophono was a quasi return back to the turntablism days of grimy drum breaks, sound effects and hot tempos. Love it.

The Gaslamp Killer || Fun Over 100

The Gaslamp Killer || Car Pool Dummy Ft Mophono

The Gaslamp Killer || When I'm In Awe (feat. Gonjasufi) || download

The Death Gate EP should be available online now from Brainfeeder, and also as a lim ed wax EP (1000 copies). Hit up GLK for more deets.


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