Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fitz Ambro$e: PDISO On It's Way

All the way live from Tokyo by way os Sendai, we're all looking fwd to finally hearing the coming ep from Fitz Ambro$e, PDSIO, released by the good ppl from the ICASEA label.

"the tracks were made at my sendai spot. that area was kinda seedy and had alot of slot machine parlors. lots of lights overdone and tacky. there was a massive one next to my apt called paradiso. so after the while i was calling the area/my aptartment p-diso. so to me it captures that time and place in my life. the tracks also to me represent these delusional concepts/moods i got from that particular time. random brauds coming thru my life/ listening to shit load of very dope new music from al over the place and watching lots of classic movies. basically wraps it all up conceptually" - Fitz Ambro$e

This yummy, 80 some bpm slow flow full of bleeps, blings, flashing LEDs and MPC 1000 swing, will be a 6 track EP with all duties handled by Fitz himself, with a lone guest appearance taken on by Devonwho of Klipm0de fame.

* updated Nov 15th *

The EP is out now and is available @ the above digi outlets (in the player - just click)

and a vid trailer...


Say wrd.


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  1. Any word on a physical release of this joint? I heard they might be releasing this on cassette with some remixes


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