Saturday, October 30, 2010

Teebs' Ardour Show: New Works

In support of his stellar Ardour release from Brainfeeder, Teebs will be having a show with his new printed works.

And he will be unveiling a brand new print...

Performances for the one day event November 14th will be as follows:

Teebs w/ Gaby Hernandez, Matthewdavid, Yuk, Take, Dublab's Frosty, Co.Fee, P.Lo, Arti and Kab. Creating live screen prints of his works will be LA's art purveyor Hit N Run.

Ardour: New works by Teebs
Space 1520 Gallery
1520 N. Cahuenga Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA.
6-10pm / All Ages / Free.

Show love.


Friday, October 29, 2010

Teebs LIve @ Decibel Festival

During my run @ Decibel Festival in Seattle, I went to 3 showcases in a row @ Neumos. Notably, the Red Bull Music Academy showcase which featured Brainfeeder bard, RBMA Barcelona grad Teebs.
As with all RBMA showcases, this stream was recorded for all to enjoy. Even better?? You'll be able to enjoy the pure feed as unknown to anyone who wasn't there, some speakers were blown before Teebs went on, making things less than enjoyable. So I for one am very pleased to see this available.

Say Wrd.



Nosaj Thing: Drift Remixed [DWNLD]

A few yrs back, I tried to catch up w/ Nosaj Thing @ sxsw. #badlook #fail. Too nutty. Dude, had 5 gigs in like 3 days... Was crazy. But I essentially wanted to sit down w/ dude as I felt something was brewing here. Then the critically acclaimed Drift dropped. Ok. And after a steady humble bubble and build, he's made quite the name for himself. Indeed.
FFWD to ahora, I've have the chance of rawking w/ dude a handful of times, and seen him a few more. It's safe to say that SoCal's Nosaj Thing is wowing 'em all over the globe with that midi mastery, dimly lit dramatic Drift sh*t, along side the much talked about a/v experience that he now brings to the theatre.
We are now being delighted w/ a Drift remix record. Yay.

I love remixes. You know I'm not so much that nostalgia dude, but I've said in the past that remixes bring me back to a delightful decade when wax had a single and included a rmx.
So Drift Remixed. Someone like Nosaj Thing who's certain to have a remix rolodex bigger than the Wheel Of Fortune might have had a harder time wondering who to ask for a remix than it was to decide which ones made the cut. But the Elite Eight were the following:
Low Limit, Dorian Concept, Teebs, Jamie xx, Daedelus, Dntel, Jon Hopkins and Take.

Right off the bat, Low Limit's rework of Quest is just STELLAR. He slows the original to a magnificent melancholic masterpiece, echoing these chopped chants with a dash of piano larghetto. That was then followed by a classic Dorian Concept rendition that is true to form. Starting out just as eerie, maintaining Low Limit's mood, but then slowly building up the tempo, eventually taking us to that Dorian Concept space, that frenzied and oft dizzying pace from the Lord of the micro Korg. Shouts to Juha @ Viral Radio who made me listen to it again for confirmation. ;)
Teebs also delivers another stunningly beautiful remix, pollenating your senses w/ his sonic arrangements, using his green 404 (boom) to bring the reworked Caves to full bloom. Dope.
Along for the curated remix record is Jamie xx, who submits his version of Fog with this sorcerous & macabre break, which then leads back into some tempo bizness. Sick.
Regardless, there's a bit for everyone on this record, and if you enjoy this and don't have the original, time to cop both. And it you owned the original Alpha Pup release, this is a must.


1. Quest (Low Limit Remix)
2. Voices (Dorian Concept Remix)
3. Us (Dntel Remix)
4. Caves (Teebs Remix)
5. Fog (Jamie xx Remix)
6. Us (Jon Hopkins Remix)
7. Coat of Arms (Daedelus Remix)
8. Light #1 (Take Remix)

Nosaj Thing || Quest (Low Limit Remix)

Nosaj Thing || Fog (Jamie xx Remix) || download (courtesy of Pitchfork)

Drift Remixed will be out Nov 2nd.

Say wrd.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Onra Tour Dates [DWNLD]

Our fave Frenchman Onra is on a North American tour w/ Buddy Sativa, introducing partygoers to the 2 MPC 1000 w/ Micro Korg sound, traveling Long Distances for you! As some of you know, he was just in Toronto recently (video coming soon), and just did the iconic Low End Theory last night. There are more dates and ops to catch him oper8te.

The remaining dates are as follows:

Oct 28th - San Diego - El Dorado
Oct 29th - San Francisco - SOM
Nov 2nd - Seattle - "Stop Biting" @ Lo-Fi Performance Gallery
Nov 3rd - Portland - Holocene
Nov 4th - Vancouver - The Shine
Nov 5th - Quebec City - Le Cercle
Nov 6th - Montreal - Club Hohm w/ Alaclair Ensemble + Lexis
Nov 9th - Brooklyn - The Knitting Factory w/ Saturn Never Sleeps (King Britt & Rucyl), DJ Spinna, Mike Slott, Snack n Cmish, and Moustachio

And, in keeping the Long Distance momentum, enjoy a track from the fantastic LP from All City courtesy Pitchfork

Onra || To The Beat ft Walter Mecca || download

Make sure to check you local listing for deets on the dates.



Low End Theory Invades Japan: Trailer [VIDEO]

Just a few days from their departure from LA to Japan, the Low End Theory have their bags nearly packed, and drop this trailer.



Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Jeremy Ellis On The Maschine [VIDEO]

Read a tweet last night that made me wonder what Jeremy Ellis aka Ayro has been up to. Hadn't seen him in a few years, not since WMC really. And then...

Same 'ol Ayro. For all those who think they have MPC/16 Pad game, meet your maker. And good hearted as he is, Jeremy Ellis is sharing his secrets w/ the world as he's got a Youtube channel w/ instructional videos. Go check it out.

And here's one for the road.



Fitz Ambro$e: PDISO On It's Way

All the way live from Tokyo by way os Sendai, we're all looking fwd to finally hearing the coming ep from Fitz Ambro$e, PDSIO, released by the good ppl from the ICASEA label.

"the tracks were made at my sendai spot. that area was kinda seedy and had alot of slot machine parlors. lots of lights overdone and tacky. there was a massive one next to my apt called paradiso. so after the while i was calling the area/my aptartment p-diso. so to me it captures that time and place in my life. the tracks also to me represent these delusional concepts/moods i got from that particular time. random brauds coming thru my life/ listening to shit load of very dope new music from al over the place and watching lots of classic movies. basically wraps it all up conceptually" - Fitz Ambro$e

This yummy, 80 some bpm slow flow full of bleeps, blings, flashing LEDs and MPC 1000 swing, will be a 6 track EP with all duties handled by Fitz himself, with a lone guest appearance taken on by Devonwho of Klipm0de fame.

* updated Nov 15th *

The EP is out now and is available @ the above digi outlets (in the player - just click)

and a vid trailer...


Say wrd.


Fulgeance: The Glamoure EP [VIDEO]

Fulgeance's Galmoure EP is out now. And here's the leadoff video.

Somewhere, Larry Clark is smiling...


All City LA 7: Computer Jay's Phantom [DWNLD]

Bananas. For the ones who came out to the Onra night a few weeks back, you got to hear this advance in full fidelity. In fact, I was so excited, I had to throw a teaser out about the same time. Well, it's now reality. All City's legendary LA series continues with it's seventh installment, one they even said was a banger: Dam-Funk + Computer Jay.

Dam-Funk has been heard in all corners of the globe, peddling that funk and boogie tirelessly. We know the name as well has his stellar game.
In comes Computer Jay. Don't even know where to start on this one, but I'll simply say, 1nce again: BANGIN.
Computer Jay comes with a bboy era anthem Phantom, that incites uprocking, fancy footwork and 1990s. He follows that up w/ vintage Jay, executing a track that sounds partly programmed in B.A.S.I.C., and likely created in part w/ his home made synth. To be expected from one who cites the Commodore 64 as his chief inspiration.
This 5 track release will feature 2 bangers from Dam-Funk and the rest from Computer Jay.

Dam-Funk side
1. Night Stroll
2. Love Affair

Computer Jay side
3. Phantom
4. Vice
5. Rare Type

This pairing for All City's LA7 could not have been any better, in a Magic to Byron Scott #ftw kinda way. ;)

Computer Jay || Phantom from All City LA #7 || download (right click)



Monday, October 25, 2010

Mike Slott At Bimhuis: ADE 2010

ADE aka Amsterdam Dance Event went down this past weekend and many were in town for the festivities, taking place @ various venues across the city. Again, Bimhuis was the setting of another affair, hosting many including Lucky Me's Mike Slott.

A dazzling backdrop as always (click on pic). And here are a few excerpts of his set.

Mike Slott @ Bimhuis pt1 || ADE

Mike Slott @ Bimhuis pt2 || ADE

Looking fwd to new music from Mike, always. Shouts to my good man Juha @ Viral Radio for the insight, and be sure to hit their blog for more looks.


Kelpe: Margins EP

Released from the Team Black Acre division of Black Acre Records comes Kelpe's Margins EP.

I whilst back, my man Laurent tipped me on Kelpe, running his name in a few convos. Premier connoisseur of cadence and riddim that Laurent is, I certainly took heed.
The Margins EP, a four tracker featuring some of that new swinging electronic, sharp snares and syncopated synths, in a short format that is digitally well and digestible.

Kelpe - Toy Castle by Kelpe

Available now on both digital and wax format, Margins EP is out for all en enjoy.

Say wrd.


Nocando & DJ Nobody Are Bomb Zombies [DWNLD]

What was seemingly an idea born in the minds of Nocando and DJ Nobody during a Low End Theory tour of Japan in 2009, has come to full fruition. Nocando and DJ Nobody are the Bomb Zombies, and are serving up the fruits of their labor: Sincerely Yours.

The Low End Theory residents display the type of chemistry one would expect from the duo, as they share vocal duties on the project, but w/ Nobody handling all production and Nocando delivering the verses for this abstract release.

Bomb Zombies || FWUH (F*ck What U Heard)

Bomb Zombies || Bang

In a ironic twist, Sincerely Yours will drop whilst the noblemen will be on tour of Japan, and will be available @ all digital outlets November 9th on Hellfyre Club. No word on physical just yet.

Enjoy (the artwork - LOL).


Friday, October 22, 2010

Africa Hitech: Rinse FM Podcast [DWNLD]

It's quite frightening how futuristic Africa Hitech's sound is. They're currently on a EU tour and stopped by the Rinse FM's studios as a fill in for DJ Zinc's slot a few days past.


If you're anywhere near ADE tonight in Amsterdam, they're performing somewhere tonight. But if you're like I & I and had not the chance of making it out there, PLS do yourself that favor and download the podcast from their set. Pritch on the set, Spacek toasting. #madmanmusic #takingyoustangesplaces. I could not have said it better myself.

Africa Hitech Podcast on Rinse FM || Subscribe via iTunes (strongly recommended) || download (right click)

2011 will be massive. Big up Rinse FM for this one. Ok. Enjoy.

** OCT 25th UPDATE **: Tracklist

Shouts to Yiannis who sent me the tracklist as it was posted on Harmonic 313's myspace. nice one. This is nothing short of GOLD. Some very exclusive material.

Out in the Streets - Mark Pritchard
Fuck Dat - Dj Roc
Space Juke - Dj Spinn & Dj Rashad
Ima Burn Him - Dj Nate
Who Da Coldest - Dj Rashad
Footwork 5 - Tha Pope
Bang and Works - Dj Trouble
Crazy Bass one - Dorian Concept
I go Hard - Dj lil rome aka Traxboi
Somethin - Dj Rashad
Twang - Harmonic 313 test 1
Light the way - Mark Pritchard - Test1
Shaka the Warrior - House of Deb
Education - Mala
Cryin Cryin - Stereotyp
Caveman style - Mark Pritchard
93 Million miles - Africa Hitech
Said Speed - Africa hitech
Step - Africa hitech
Seek Em Step - Africa hitech
Glangslap - Africa hitech
Blen Remix - Africa hitech
West coast - Dok feat Terror Danjah
Get Wyld - Mark Pritchard
Thunder bay - Hudson Mohawke
Cypress Phil - Hudson Mohawke
Scar - Mark Pritchard/Wiley
Stereotype - Mark Pritchard/Trim Tali
Lion - Harmonic 313
Bazooka Riddim - Harmonic 313
Prehistoric - Harmonic 313 test 1
Niabinghi Warriors - Africa hitech test1
Mash it up - Harmonic 313 test 1
Dark Soldier (back in the day mix) - Ray Keith
Future Unknown - Krust
Dont fight it - Africa hitech test 2


RBMA Radio: Pop Up Studio During ADE

So, Amsterdam Dance Event aka ADE is on and popping right now. Lots of friends out there right now, which makes it even harder not being there (Shouts King Kong and Jay), but technology is a b*tch.
The good ppl @ Red Bull Music Academy Radio are running a full pop up studio/radio station w/ live interviews and sets right from the ADE itself. Bananas.

I had the pleasure of wasting most of the day away listening to the Africa Hitech interview w/ Emma Jean as well as ridiculous set they layed down. Nuts.
With the time diff, we're looking @ essentially two more days, but two days well worth tuning into. The rest of the schedule On Air schedule looks something like this (mind you, this is local time in Amsterdam, so subtrack 6hrs from the time for EST - right?)

Saturday October 23, 12-10pm
Shed, Prosumer, Marcel Dettman, Steffi, Guillaume & Coutu Dumonts, Culoe de Song, Tony Lionni, Abe Duque, Newworldaquarium, Aroy Dee

Sunday October 24, 12-10pm
Border Community feat. James Holden, Luke Abbott, Kate Wax and more

You can click below and start to listen in immediately. And enjoy.

RBMA Radio Player


Red Bull Presents Megahurtz: November 13th 2010, Vancouver, Canada

Just about 1 yr ago, Red Bull curated this event called Megahurtz. Set up as part of the Pop Mtl festivities, this was an event which featured the new sound of electronic, but also what has become a very crucial component of the live show, visuals: essentially a high voltage a/v show. Last October we were lucky enough to witness the much talked about Nosaj Thing visual show, which @ the time was in a very beta form. His visual show has since flourished and so has this event.
2010, Red Bull Megahurtz takes it's a/v extravaganza to Vancouver and will feature a heavy list of guests for the night.

I've been told there's going to a room entirely done in 3D. Wowsers. What did you say your bra size was dear?? LOL. But all in seriousness, this will be a must if you're in the Vancouver areas. Sh*t, I'm trying to make it down there...

Featured will be some hella talented cats, some of which were featured last year, and some RBMA grads/friends as well:

Felix Cartal
Azari and III
Black Milk
Love & Electrik

Proceeds from the event will support W2's efforts to build an inner-city media centre for Vancouver's Downtown Eastside: Creative Technology. Make sure to hit up for more deets, and all ticket info. And, maybe i'll see you there... in f u l l 3 d .


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Shigeto: Full Circle LP Coming November [DWNLD]

2 EPs and an amazing DEMF/MOVEMENT performance later, I'm still find myself gazing, virtually in line, anticipating the Full Circle LP from Ghostly's shooting star Shigeto. The good news came just a few days back and we now have a drop date: Nov 9th (US) Nov 22nd (UK). Amazing.

To be expected from Shigeto are the very beats and melodious textures that have made him a bit of a buzzword within these circles and the pride of Ann Arbor's Ghostly .
Evidence was clear and present on Semi Circle as well as What We Held Onto , but Full Circle will be the apogee of severals years of work, drumming, sampling, chopping sounds and field recordings along the way.

And to boot, here are a few freebies to whet your pallets: The leaked lead from FULL CIRCLE, as well as a rmx by Lucky Me's magnificent Mike Slott. (Nice one Sam).

Shigeto || Unrelentless Drag || download (right click)
Shigeto || Unrelentless Drag (Mike Slott rmx) || download (Courtesy of XLR8R) Shigeto || Ann Arbor Pt1
Nov 9th is the date. Ann Arbor stand up.



Monday, October 18, 2010

Kill Your Co-Workers: Flying Lotus [VIDEO]

The Kill your Co-Workers video will be out Monday . Gloriousless than a minute ago via web

That was a note Friday. So today is Monday. Enjoy.


Muxmool's Ghostly Tour [DWNLD]

I got the chance to see Minnesota's Muxmool @ Decibel Fest just a few weeks back and wow... Dude def knows how to rock it. If you're not so familiar, he's recently had a few releases courtesy of the good ppl @ Ghostly and is now criss-crossing the US taking his version of beat music, spun with electronic along with some hip hop. If you get the chance, def make sure to catch his show. Say wrd.

The dates are as follows:

10.14 Syracuse , NY @ Wescott Theater
10.15 Buffalo, NY @ The Town Ballroom
10.16 Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Small's Theater
10.17 Columbus , OH @ Newport Music Hall
10.19 Nashville, TN @ Exit/In
10.20 St. Louis, MO @ The Pageant
10.21 Little Rock, AR @ Revolution Music Room
10.22 Tulsa, OK @ Cain's Ballroom
10.24 Flagstaff , AZ @ The Orpheum
10.27 Los Angeles, CA @ Hous of Blues
10.28 Crystal Bay, NV @ The Crown Room
10.29 San Francisco, CA @ The Independent
10.30 Portland, OR @ Roseland Theater
10.31 Seattle , WA @ Showbox at the Market
11.02 Missoula , MT @ The Top Hat
11.03 Bozeman, MT @ Filling Station
11.04 Salt Lake City, UT @ The State Room
11.05 Denver, CO @ Gothic Theatre
11.09 Lawrence, KS @ Bottleneck
11.10 Omaha, NE @ Slowdown
11.11 Milwaukee, WI @ Turner Hall Ballroom
11.12 Minneapolis, MN @ First Avenue
11.13 Madison, WI @ Orpheum Theatre
11.14 Royal Oak, MI @ Royal Oak Music Theatre
11.15 Ann Arbor, MI @ Blind Pig w/ Matthew Dear
11.18 Boston, MA @ House of Blues Boston
11.19 Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
11.20 Burlington, VT @ Higher Ground
11.21 Northampton, MA @ Pearl Street
12.10 Pittsburgh, PA @ Mr. Smalls Theater w/ Ghostland Observatory

And as a little bonus, here are some bangers for you to take along...

Muxmool || No Black Crayons (Taken from Skulltaste LP || download (right click)

Muxmool || Lady Linda (Devonwho Remix) (taken from Wax Rose Saturday EP) || download (right click)



Sunday, October 17, 2010

Paul White Does Stones Throw Podcast [DWNLD]

Nearly 3 months after the last, it's pretty much just as it says: Now And Again/One Handed Music Maestro Paul White curates the most recent Stones Throw podcast, #62. Imagine that...

36 mins of beat science. Nice.

Get it via subscribing to the Stones Throw podcast.



Friday, October 15, 2010

All City LA 7



RAS G x mymanhenri: Toronto Oct 21st @ The Drake

So pumped. Toronto, no one could be happier to have this next guest come through our awesome city. Right from the city of El Aye, we welcome our next act, Brainfeeder, Poobah Records artist, Ras G & The ASP.

Last time Ras G and I had time to kick it in NY for a Brainfeeder event somewhere in SOHO, NY. But we met @ Dublab in 08 I believe during the Lucky Me Tour through LA. Dude, is as real as it gets. +, you need to see dude rawk out on the 404. It's not a game. Here are the deets...

Dmoney Presents:

feat: Ras G & The ASP (Brainfeeder, Poobah)
w/ mymanhenri + guest.
Thursday Oct 21st 2010
The Drake Underground - 1150 Queen St West
$10 adv tckts (avail @ Soundscape and Rotate This)
You can RSVP on the FaceBook event page here

And for a little teaser, here's a Ras G appearance on Rinse w/ Alex Nut during a tour in EU.

Ras G & The ASP on Mixed Nuts || Rinse FM || download (right click)


See you next week.


Thursday, October 14, 2010

Taz Buckfaster: Gold Tooth Grin Out Nov 15th

In an interview w/ Benji B, Hudson Mowhake mentioned a few acts he was listening to, among them was one Taz Buckfaster. This is something he reiterated in Barcelona whilst all there for Sonar.
FFWD to a few weeks back during a show we had and dude is playing this BANGER. Had to lean over and ask and... BOOM: Taz Buckfaster. Dayum.
Well, moments ago, in the midst of a bout w/ insomnia, I read a tweet from the good ppl @ NUMBERS...

New Numbers release... Taz - Gold Tooth Grin EP → Out November 15th than a minute ago via web

Sick. Can't wait.

Taz - Gold Tooth Grin (Previews of NMBRS3 Numbers) by Numbers


Teebs: Double Fifths [DWNLD]

One the of prettiest songs of 2010 has leaked from the Oct 18th release of Teebs' Ardour.

This fall has been all about Teebs and today, he joins the Magical Properties Tour that kicks off today.

Regardless, enjoy.

Teebs || Double Fifths || download (via pitchfork)


Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Rustie's SUNBURST EP: Freebie [DWNLD]

Rustie's Sunburst EP is out now. And to celebrate, Warp leaked a freebie, available until Thursday Oct 14th.

Rustie || Hyberthrust

You'll need to head over to Bleep to get it. Act now.


Monday, October 11, 2010

The Gaslamp Killer: Death Gate EP [DWNLD]

With 10 10 10 now behind us, we can all now enjoy the The Gaslamp Killer's new EP in it's full fidelity.

I personally have always been a fan of the EP format, seeing that you can keep a little bit of music in the market year round and keep a touring schedule.
The Gaslamp Killer, west coast wanderer that he is has done just that. Just about one year after his 1st EP, comes this second: Death Gate EP.
True to his influences, he injects a little bit of all his loves into on concise and tight 15 minute recording.
From his adoration for _____-step (what do we call it this week?), electronic, psych rock and go 'ol fashioned hip hop, we all get to tag along on this inner journey, riding with Gonjasufi on shotgun, Computer Jay, Mophono & Mike Burnham.

Faves of mine: Fun Over 100, a double time bizness track with a simple but sinister bassline and organ solo. Car Pool Dummy featuring bay area Mophono was a quasi return back to the turntablism days of grimy drum breaks, sound effects and hot tempos. Love it.

The Gaslamp Killer || Fun Over 100

The Gaslamp Killer || Car Pool Dummy Ft Mophono

The Gaslamp Killer || When I'm In Awe (feat. Gonjasufi) || download

The Death Gate EP should be available online now from Brainfeeder, and also as a lim ed wax EP (1000 copies). Hit up GLK for more deets.


Impulse Remix by Teebs: Magical Props Tour Exclusive [DWNLD]

To celebrate the launch of the Magical Properties Tour which kicks off this week, we have an exclusive rmx of the tour exclusive 7" (supersclusive? ultrasclusive?)

Brainfeeder's Magical Properties Tour confederate and creator of works of mart, Teebs was appointed for a rmx of the Daedelus, Gaslamp Killer Impulse 7" which will be available @ all tour dates. Simply, Teebs'' Neck Feathers Remix once again takes you to an enchanting and spellbinding place, with the beat of indigenous drums and the heavenly harp strums. And the best? This is a free download. Enjoy.

Teebs || Impulse (Neck Feathers Remix> || download (right click)

Make sure check the tour dates to see if the tour is coming to your end of town.


Friday, October 8, 2010

DJ SPINNA Is WONDER-FULL: Oct 23rd Toronto

Just announced. Deets coming.


Free The Robots: Do Over v2

World famous Do Over, the Sunday gathering that even Jesus Christ has been forced to wait in line for, has finally dropped the 2nd installment of the 10" series.

You might recall the 1st one featured House Shoes and Flying Lotus. Featured this time are Beat Junkie DJ Rhettmatic & Alapha Pup's Free The Robots. It features a track w/ MED with the correesponding instrumental as well as the B Side featuring Free The Robots.

1. Do It feat. MED (DJ Rhettmatic)
2. Do It (Instrumental)
3. La Lune (Free The Robots)

The wax has been limited to 1000 units and the digital file is available now as well. Get all you deets and sample the record here @ Stones Throw online shop.

Full Crate & FS Green: Eggs And Pancakes

Been a min.
I feel like i've missed out on some Melting Pot Music goodness. Regardless, MPM will be releasing their 5th installment of their Hi Hat producer series, with the prolific twosome of FS Green and Full Crate.

On October 22nd, Hit Hat v.5: Eggs And Pancakes will drop and will push much of that magic that has come out of the Dutch scene for that last little whilst. If this is news to you, well.... I can guarantee a pleasant surprise.

Here's a little taste of what's to come.

<a href="">Hi-Hat Club Vol. 5 &#8211; Eggs And Pancakes by Hi-Hat Club</a>

More deets and full track listing are available here.

Enjoy. PS - shouts to Eric. It's been a hot min man. Ya.


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sonic Router Curates 1st Bleep Podcast [DWNLD]


The good and erudite ppl @ Sonic Router have been picked to curate the inaugural Bleep podcast. Those guys put it in fabulous work over there and hats off.

You can scoop that podcast and incredible track list here. Featured will be James Blake, Flying Lotus, Roska & Untold, MF DOOM, Dam Mantle, Zomby, Pariah, Modeselektor, Ikonika, Velour, Gold Panda and much more...



Cosmopolyphonic Radio: Compilation Coming

With an on going and very successful podcast, the good ppl @ Cosmopolyphonic Radio are releasing a comp for late October.

The tracklist will contain many of the who's who on both sides of the pond respectively with some well established along side an introduction to some up and comers.

1. RLP / Six feat. Kez YM
2. Devonwho / tradewinds
4. Fujimoto Tetsuro / Avoyager
5. diyTokion / Fonknoir
6. mfp / digital love feat. Sarah Linhares
7. The Astronotes / Moonrise
8. fitz ambro$e / Grila Swing
9. SUPER SMOKY SOUL / Hidden Stage
10. Onra / Roger's Waltz
11. Pepin / Mercury
12. Monkey_sequence.19 / Plummer jolly_
13. sauce81 / spaceshi*!
15. Pursuit Grooves / Do What You Feel
16. Kay Suzuki / Move On feat.Duchy (Cosmopolymix)
17. Daisuke Tanabe / Invasion feat. May Roosevelt
18. Kan Sano / Elements Of Notice

We look fwd to feature more of this comp's material but you can listen to some of the streams.

Cosmopolyphonic Radio teaser

Onra - Roger's Waltz

The Astronotes - Moonrise

ichiro_ - HUHU

Soon come...


Low End Theory Invades Japan

After a successful tour the year previous, the Low End Theory army returns to Japan, bringing along the big sound that has reverberated across the land and sea worldwide.
Along for teh cross continental ride are: Take, Nocando, Nobody, Free The Robots, TOKiMONSTA and the General Daddy Kev.

Should be BIG.


Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Shigeto: Samiyam rmx [DWNLD]

In leading off his campaign for this new LP Full Circle, Shigeto leaks a rmx to his Full Circle rmx LP, one done by none other than Samiyam. Wow. This was inevitable.
Shigeto collabs with Braifeeder's SP404 beat Baron, Samiyam and come together like graduates from the same institution. Both originally from Ann Arbor, you feel that unison in the way this rmx came together. Can we say, Remix Magna Cum Laude? Indeed.
To boot, this is a freebie.

Shigeto || And We're Gonna Go (Samiyam Chopsticks Rmx) || download (right click)

New Illum Sphere Mix [DWNLD]

Illum Sphere, back from zig zagging the planet (including a stop in Toronto), is back in money making Manchester, back purveying that fine music, back running an amazing night that is Hoya Hoya.

He's curated a mix for all to enjoy. No track list, all goodness.

Illum Sphere DOWNLOAD



Tuesday, October 5, 2010

For Hoya Hoya With Love [DWNLD]

A mix inspired by Manchester's most monumental night, Hoya Hoya, one put together by my mellow, my man LF aka Kper after an amazing night w/ Illum Sphere and the gang.
A great mix w/ an even more amazing track list.

Jon Wayne x Samiyam - Milton Brandy [Bootleg]
Metal Fingered Doom - Shallots [Special Herbs]
Eccy - Ruins [Slye Recs] x De La Soul & MF Doom - Rock Co Kane Flow [accapella]
Goodie Mob - Is That You God (Dabrye remix) [Adult Swim]
Ken Lo Craqnuques - Bass [Bleu]
Dizz 1 - RIRRR [Nod Navigators] x Busta Rhymes - Whoo Haaa [accapella]
Charles Tress - Mahjongg [Musique Large]
Lazer Sword - Surf News [Forthcoming Innovative Leisure]
DJ Baku ft. Primal & Rumi - Chikusatsu [DDD]
Jonny Faith - Faze 2 (2phast remix) [Forthcoming Civil Music] x Clipse - Coast to Coast [accapella]
Loops Haunt - Impact Omnihammer [Black Acre] x Wu Tang Clan - CREAM [accapella] x Hud Mo - Elephant [CDR]
MHE - Track 5 [?] x Goodie Mob - Cell Therapy [accapella] x Mono/Poly - Fireworks [Tasteful Licks]
Exile ft. Evidence, Krondon, Blame One - We're All In Power [Plug Research]
Paul White - Ultra Violet [One Handed]
SATO - Maturi No Oto [CDR]
Jay Dee - Sunbeams [?]
Jon Wayne - 1 For Kutmah [CDR]
Josip Kloby - Everyday Same Route [CDR] x Big L - Put It On [accapella]
Uncle Lew - Puerto Rico [CDR]
Machinedrum - Stomp That Remix [Bootleg]
Mono/Poly - The Beatles [Faces Records]
Mayer Hawthorne - Just Ain't Gonna Work Out (Astronote El Camino Remix) [Bootleg]
Oh No - Wawa [Stones Throw]
00Genesis - Smile's Revenge [CDR]
Monkeysequence - Summer Blu [CDR] x Quasimoto - Broad Factor [accapella]
Anti Pop Consortium - ? (Audace remix) [Bootleg]
Ben One - The Wasp [CDR]
Sam IRL - Beat #1 [CDR] x Madvillain - Meatgrinder [accapella]
Lorn - Running Ink [CDR] x Notorious BIG - Dead Wrong [accapella]
2tall - Potholes [CDR]
Take aka Sweatson Klank - End Begin End (Take remix) [Forthcoming Alpha Pup]

Kper - A Mix for HoyaHoya by laurentfintoni

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Monday, October 4, 2010

Om Unit: Corridor EP


After releasing one of my fave singles this year, Lavender, a stellar Joker rmx, and a Pixelord rmx that has still yet to see light of day, I'm more than happy to see an EP from Londoner Om Unit.
I've always enjoyed the maturity in his sound, along with the clarity of his production. A consummate pro.
Not beat heavy, but of great beat, rhythm and melodies, moving smoothly from slow flow to legato, this EP brings much of those attributes into 5 lovely tracks of which one was rmx by Ghostly's Shigeto.

<a href="">The Corridor EP by Om Unit</a>

Beings of Light is my joint. And just for being cool, you can take a track along with you.

Here's a link to Cradle (download) off The Corridor EP, courtesy of XLR8R mag.

You can listen to and buy his EP on his bandcamp.

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10-10-10: The Gaslamp Killer Death Gate Release Party

Oh boy.

The Gaslamp Killer's Death Gate EP drops in one week Oct 12th via Brainfeeder. The launch event has been set @ The Downtown Independent there's been a promise of 10 special guests. GLK's reach is long, so this could be something very special.

This GLK x Hit'n'Run x Brainfeeder event will presell 200 tickets only. the 1st 100 presale pgks will be @ $30 and will contain:

+ One (1) 10-inch vinyl copy OR Digital Download
+ Limited Edition Death Gate Tote Bag
+ One (1) Admission* to EP release party @ LA's Downtown Independent on 10/10/10
+ One (1) Blank T-shirt to customize with GLK designs by Hit+Run

This is going to be pretty heavy. Get your tickets/pre sale pkg here.

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Svetlana Industries: Come On Let's Go [DWNLD]

The good ppl @ Svetlana Industries have curated a compilation that dropped just a few weeks past:
Come On Let's Go.

Featured on this Belgrade beat bonanza are past and up and coming acts to come through this Serbian label's pipeline. Let's hope that the future records see light of day, despite the meddling of border agents wondering if the vinyl contains satanic verses. LOL. (read the story)

Nonetheless, this comp is available as a pay what you can model.

<a href="">Come On Lets Go by Svetlana Industries</a>

Hit up Svetlana Industries for more deets.
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Saw wrd.


Young Montana: No Dough, No Show [DWNLD]

Shooting star Young Montana continues to introduce himself to the world. After sneaking a BTS Radio mix out there, and some recent freebies, the recent Alpha Pup signing has leaked another out to the masses.

<a href="">No Dough No Show by Young Montana?</a>



Snack Attack: PUDGESNACKS VOL​.​2

After a slew of releases in 2010, from indie to All City to Ramp, PUDGE breaks out form the producers role, to enter the booth and get back to what he knows just as best: spitting rhymes.
This was 1st revealed to be me in early 2008 when he sent over a video if past work: Like A Glove

He's now returned w/ PUDGESNACKS VOL​.​2 "I Didnt know​!​!​! U Rap​?​?​?​

A full record w/ production from varied sources: friends and associates from the LA scene. A classic indie EP full of that heart and def full of the at soul. A definite listen for those who want a complete look @ PUDGE's catalog.
Here's a Dibia$e produced banger:

<a href="">10)NeoPolyTan (ft. Core Rythym &amp; Eagle Nebula) prod. by Dibia$e by P.U.D.G.E.</a>

It's up and available now @ his bandcamp site.

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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Gaslamp Killer x Low End Theory x Eagle Rock Festival [VIDEO]

Footage from the Low End Theory stage @ the Eagle Rock Festival in Los Angeles.

Low End Theory Lieutenant Gaslamp Killer was a possessed man...


And here are a few stills from Mikey Wally.

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.


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