Wednesday, September 15, 2010

More Ardor For Teebs' Ardour [DWNLD]

I've expressed my excitement for Ardour previously, but I'll retell it: I can't wait. Anyone who has seen Teebs' art will soon realize that the audio from Ardour LP sounds as an accompaniment to the art he so adroitly pieces together into a wonderful collage.

This Brainfeeder balladeer has produced a chef-d'œuvre that is more Four Tet and Matthewdavid than Ras G or Samiyam, creating more ambient auras than thumping beats. And some of you know I love that sound.

October 18th, Teebs' Ardour drops worldwide via the good ppl @ Alpha Pup. None will be disappointed.

Teebs || Arthur's Birds || Download (Via LA Times)

Teebs || Why Like This || download (via Fact Mag)

Teebs || My Whole Life



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