Thursday, September 30, 2010

Low End Theory Curates Eagle Rock Festival Stage

Low End Theory was asked to curate a stage @ the Eagle Rock Music festival, and world famous weekly did not disappoint. The all ages festival will feature what looks like the 1992 Dream Team w/o the tight shorts:

4:00 Jonwayne
4:25 Teebs
4:50 Mono/Poly
5:15 matthewdavid
5:40 Take
6:30 Free the Robots
6:55 Dibiase
7:20 Ras G
7:45 Nocando
8:00 D-Styles
8:25 Daddy Kev
8:50 Nobody
9:15 Gaslamp Killer
9:40 Nosaj Thing

All this for $5? wow.

Will you even need to move from your spot even once?? Wow. This will only ad to the heat that has been burning up the streets of SoCal this past week, and now this.

Los Angeles. Los Angelous. Los Anjealous. Lost And Jealous!

Have fun.


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