Friday, September 17, 2010

Lone Gets Back To Werk: New 12" Coming

Man, I giggle like a little girl when I saw this in my inbox (shouts to all the little girls out there). Just like I giggle when I 1st bought his music.
This October, we're going to be treated to another rapturous single from Lone and the good ppl @ WerkDiscs.

Once In A While b/w Raptured

Some of you who grabbed the Kode 9 DJ Kicks comp will have heard this as the lead off track was this very Lone single. And a classic Lone track it is. Enter his vintage melodies and chords, and to boot, some steel pans?? Maybe i'll hear this during Caribana next yr and chop me a nice Trini. LOL. Regardless, this will be a 12" to keep your eyes and ears on. And it's coming out for all of us to enjoy now. FINALLY. Mark your calendar, Oct 25th will be date.

Lone || Once In A While || WerkDiscs

Lone || Raptured || WerkDiscs



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