Thursday, September 9, 2010

Letherette: Ho_Tep EP1 On It's Way [DWNLD]

Some of the best news just arrived from Wolverhampton, UK: a Letherette EP is on it's way. Say wrd. After banging away @ what has become a quasi mythical mix by BTS Radio, we will be treated to a full 8 track EP in October from the duo, by way of Alexander Nut's Ho_Tep imprint.

Letherette consists of two producers and old school friends Andy Harbor and Richard Roberts. The Wolverhampton based duo were recently featured on Gilles Peterson Brownswood Electric compilation after an other track In July Focus began doing the rounds with tastemakers globally.
For those unfamiliar, prepare thyself for ditties full of swing, soul and synths with the periodic stabs adding to the mix. This Letherette is simply smooth.

Letherette || Dance Brace || EP1

Letherette || Cheeryade || EP1

Letherette || In July Focus || EP1

And to set the tone, here are a few goodies:

The Gilles Peterson Brownswood Electric track as it was featured on the compilation.

Letherette || Blad || Gilles Peterson Brownswood Electric || download (via XLR8R)

The afore mentioned BTS Radio mix. Shouts to Andrew Meza.

As well, found a mix from Percussion Lab that you call all pull down as well.

Letherette || Brown Lounge Vol 2 Mix ||download (via Percussion Lab)




  1. Thanks for the tracks...
    the Letherette || Dance Brace reminds of this Wu Tang Meets the Culture Instrumentals playlist I have on Spotify at the moment.

    Aron Ottignon
    musical world-traveler
    leader of Jazz/dance/world band ARONAS

  2. yessssssssssssssssssssss!! thanks 4 the heads up <3


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