Thursday, September 16, 2010

Gold Panda Gleams w/ Lucky Shiner [DWNLD] [VIDEO]

I will admit being late merging on the Gold Panda freeway, showing up around the Quitter's Raga onramp. I then pickuped the You EP which came out earlier this on Ghostly International, which I loved.
We are now treated to a new recording, a full LP this time, Lucky Shiner.

What brought me to Gold Panda's earlier recordings, still remains - bangers. Though this go @ it, he insisted in creating and writing more full songs, tracks with more structures and less banging breaks. Even better. Lucky Shiner's crackling beats and electronics still take center stage, and it's new found swings in cadence and tempo will still keep all listeners locked. Nothing lucky about that.

Gold Panda || Sam Dream China || download

Gold Panda || You || download

Gold Panda || Snow And Taxis || download

Lucky Shiner is out now digitally and physically October 18th on Ghostly International. You can also stream the whole LP @



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