Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Fulgeance: The Glamoure EP [DWNLD]

Fulgeance has led a bit of a glamourous life. Between performing worldwide as Fulgeance, or his cleaner cut Peter Digital Orchestra alias, he's kep the dance floor going w/ his patented low club marca registrada.
Using his trusty MPC 2000 XL (yep, and he TRAVELS w/ it too), he deftly chops up samples and recreates it all in a club friendly tempo for all to get down with. Enter The Glamoure EP.

He once again brings us chops of his fave sounds, slicing up old school electro with that swing, deftly recreating that dance floor love in more leisurely tempos. Love it. In fact, whilst going through this EP, I couldn't help but recalling one of these riddim, then it all came back....

Fulgeance posted this sometime back as a dry run of what was to become the Glamoure EP's title track. Love it. The EP will feature 4 original tracks to bounce to as well 3 remixes by Kelpe, Gablé and Huess. Love it.

Fulgeance || Glamoure || Glamoure EP || download (via XLR8R)

Love! In fact, you can't even spell Gl-amour-e with out it. ;)

The Glamoure EP is out in Oct. Stay tuned.


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