Monday, September 20, 2010

Flying Lotus: Pattern+Grid World


Yet another EP from Flying Lotus to round out the banner 2010 year. From having the whole world on edge by releasing one of the most anticipated records of the year w/ Cosmogramma, to then taking his act on the road and creating orchestral renditions of the record, more recently w/ Miguel Atwood Ferguson, Brainfeeder's Baron has been going non stop.

Enter Pattern+Gold World, the 6 track EP from California's commander.
Again, if you've been to the numerous tour dates across the globe, you've been teased with snippets of the record unknowingly, wondering why the Shazam app on your iPhone is returning no results. Tomorrow is the day. 6 tracks of goodness to hold you down.
With tracks like Pie Face, Camera Day (which got 55k plays in 30 days) and the frenetic climax that is Physics For Everyone!, this EP adds wonderfully to that swelling catalog from Flying Lotus (Seriously though).

Flying Lotus || Pie Face

Flying Lotus || Physics For Everyone!

Pattern+Grid World is out today/tomorrow. Toronto, make sure you hit up Slinky for your copy. Mention this post to get a pretty smile from staff... and a gift too. ;) Ask for Paul.



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