Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Finest Ego: Japanese Beat Compilation [DWNLD]

Maybe 1-2 yrs ago, I was going back and forth with a few cats in Japan as I had some interest in doing a Japanese profile of producers. Well, as usual I got caught up by [insert of one hundreds of possibilities here] and never got around to it. Le sigh.
Thank the lord for Project Mooncircle. They have just release a fantastic comp from Japanese players entitled: Finest Ego - Japanese Beatmaker Compilation

They simply showcase some of the rising stars of the Japanese beat scene and their works. You get to hear much of the western influences they cherish, w/ a twist of their own take on riddims.
And to boot, this had a 5 day window for a free download as of last friday Sept 3rd. TODAY might be the last day. so go nuts!

As of today Sept 8th, the download period has been extended for another few days. Have fun.

<a href="http://projectmooncircle.bandcamp.com/album/finest-ego-japanese-beatmaker-compilation">Samurai Assassin by Project: Mooncircle</a>

Ok. Gotta run! PCE!

Shouts to Lambent for this. Say wrd.


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