Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Machines Hate Em, We Love Dibiase

Hate might be the wrong word. I would quicker use despise, detest, dislike, distaste, are disgusted. 'D' motherf*cker, 'D'! LOL.
Well, machines can hate all they want buyt we love Machines Hate Me, the long awaited chef D'œvrefrom the Watts native, Dibiase.

I 1st met Dibiase @ Low End after being introduced by my man PUDGE. I then ran into him @ the Red Bull Sound Clash finals in NYC where he past me his competition beat tape. WHOA.
FFWD a few years later, after building a formidable catalog as well as having several releases in the past few months, we celebrate the release of possibly most anticipated LP

Machines Hate Me is an honest reflection of Dibiase's past as much as his influenced. Trained in the near extinct style art of merciless chopping of beats and samples, to the hours spent messing w/ gaming consoles has left us agape, jubilant and vertebrae C1 through C7 sore as hell.

Those who know the sound will co sign this one as simply more brilliance from Dibiase himself. Those who are now getting into Dibi's sound will thank the heavens, the MPC and the 404 for that divine swing and just turn that MF up Yep. Machines do hate him. Say wrd.

Here are a few bangers for you to hold on to til it drops...

Dibiase || Lumberjack || Download (via LA Times)

And this was premiered some months back on Mary Anne Hobbs LA special by Daddy Kev, @ the time untitled....

Dibiase || Skullcandy || Machines Hate Me

And it last one for the road...

Dibiase || Neighborhood Watch || Machines Hate Me

Machines Hate Me will be available worldwide Sept 14th 2010 on Alpha Pup. Say wrd.



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