Monday, August 30, 2010

Keep In Your Black Pocket: Steve Spacek Presents Black Pocket

We def know Steve Spacek. Such a unique and celestial voice. But many don't know or seem to forget that he's also a producer and a mean one @ that.
I've had the pleasure of seeing him @ work and, in fact I still recall a RBMA couch interview where he mentioned specifically getting an MPC, which signaled the start of his production and then moving on to Logic. Sick.
Regardless, Steve Spacek had worked on in recent years, a side projected entitled Black Pocket. After appearances on the famed Producer compilations and a few EPs left and right, we are now treated to a full LP. Steve Spacek Presents Black Pocket. Finally.
For anyone who knows Steve Spacek's sound, yay. From the classic futuristic, to roots, african inspired, we get much of what we know he loves and does well.

Steve Spacek Presents Black Pocket || Boungie

Steve Spacek Presents Black Pocket || Cyborg

Steve Spacek Presents Black Pocket || Field

This is in stores now, and TORONTO: Slinky on Queen West has copies. You know the deal. Meantion 92bpm and get a discount. Just so you know.



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