Monday, August 30, 2010

From Russia With Love: Fly Russia from Gimme5 + Error Broadcast

I've been meaning to cover scene by countries for a min. So i'm more than happy to see some come out who will accelerate the process. It can get pretty wild, EVEN with the
So I get an email re: a new comp entitled Fly Russia.

as the titles indicates, this is covering the Russian scene, as curated by the good ppl @ Gimme5.
What we have are a few known associated of this new beat music scene, but this has been largely a pleasant lesson in Russian producers for me.
Enlisted for the compilation are persons like Pixelord and recent Red Bull Music Academy grad Dza, as well as a slew of talent i'm getting hip to. Full deets are soon to come from as the good ppl @ Gimme5 have also teamed up w/ Error Broadcast to make this release possible. Amazing.

Fly Russia || Pixelord || Cheese Freak

Fly Russia || Dza || Japanese Dub

Fly Russia || Save Slaves || Vote

With love indeed. This should be out very soon. Stay tuned for more deets. Fly Russia is out now. Grab it from Error Broadcast.




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