Monday, August 9, 2010

Dibiase Swings A Big Axe, Leaks Lumberjack [DWNLD]

My man hit me on bbm a few days back saying "Dibi is sh*tting on everyone!". No doubt.
The North East might be days removed from this little heat wave, but LA is still with burning w/ wildfires and Dibiase got the Zippo™ lighter in hand.
Under his other arm though is his trusty MPC which has been hard @ work in the past year, chopping samples like stacks of California Redwood lumber.
After releases from All City as well as Fat City, the long awaited drop from Dibiase's record from LA's Alpha Pup is now within site.

Machines Hate Me is on it's way and oh boy...
In the mean time, here's a leak from the LP, Lumberjack. We just warn that you get yourself a neckbrace. It's about to get silly.

Dibiase || Lumberjack || Download (via LA Times)



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