Monday, August 23, 2010

3 4 6 8 . A mix for the listeners [DWNLD]

So in a late night Twitter surf, and only moments before I hit the sack I noticed ?uestlove mentioning this mix he planned to listen to later. Again, in twitter's inherent nature, I was privy to a convo between he and some person I didn't know, and although usually don't really click through, I decided to take a look this time around.
Say wrd. Am I glad I did.
What I found was a mix of 4/4 classics that were all chopped in a 3/4 riddim. Huh?? For the producer/music theory erudite this will make some sense. For all others, you just need to listen to it to really get it. There's essentially a beat missing.
I was pretty much floored @ the idea of a whole mixtape, though I would always listen to the odd track here and there for those daring enough to take a stab @ it... So I had to ask. Why? How?

Thanks for your message. Here's the mundane story:

I made the edits in the first part of 2008. I snapped a tendon in my middle finger prising one of my shoes off and couldn't play any instruments for a while, so amused myself making edits instead. I was playing around with The Roots's "Livin' In A New World" and created what I imagined was a Medieval vibe, which I liked and thought was unusual. Listening back I realised I'd stumbled upon a method of transforming the time signature of 4/4 tracks by removing the third and seventh quarter-beats (usually the snare hits), closing the gaps and sometimes adding some subtle echo. I applyed this to other hip hop instrumentals - some worked and some didn't. I told my friends, who were like "what?!", they thought the concept was crazy and inspired. I finished off the mix by doing some interludes from a nursery rhyme album and recordings of birdsong, gave out about 5 copies on cd, my busted finger healed and I forgot all about it.

Until now! It was a pretty long slog on Pro Tools but it kept me occupied. It's great to hear that people like it, not only for the concept but also for the sound.

Thanks again for the kind words.

Best wishes

DJ Nikey

Imagine: out of a bruise came brilliance. Nice. Here's the mix and I do hope you enjoy it. I sure did. You can hit the little arrow for a full download.

3 4 6 8 Mix by Siskin


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