Thursday, July 29, 2010

Sonar Chicago: Las Ramblas to The Bean

For those of you who heard the rumblings, BAM. And for those who haven't, BAM. And for those who are "Huh?"...
Well, Sonar is a summer music festival that has had a stellar history of impeccable music programming in it's native Barcelona. I've been and have had some of the best times. In fact, Sonar is reason for my undying love of Barcelona in fact.
So in May, I heard that this maybe going to happen... and so it has.

For those who have never been to Chicago, what a beautiful city. Some call it Toronto's sister city. I've had many a good time there, as recently as earlier this year.

This is excellent news and i'm glad to have such a great festival come so close to home. For more info on confirmed acts, bes ure to hit the them up:

Sonar Chicago.

See you there ya? Shouts to Chris Forgie for the shot of the bean.


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