Thursday, July 15, 2010

Private Primate: Comfort Fit's Newest Opus


German Boris Mezga bka Comfort Fit returns from the wilderness, this time joining the troop over @ Error Broadcast, after a briliant set of releases over @ Tokyo Dawn (which I regrettably never got around to posting - le sigh).
This time, the curtains have been drawn, melodies dissolved, and the drum racks are front and center. The riddims are noticeably darker, the mood more morose and the snares more succinct. Say wrd.
I've known Comfort Fit for his musicianship, and this new EP Private Primate is clearly more proof of his control of the boards, flexing with the strength of a silverback.

Private Primate is will come in a vinyl 12" featuring 2 tracks, or a deluxe digital version which will have a gaggle of guests for bonus remixes from the previous record:
Dibiase, Dza, Kenlo, and Shlohmo to name a few.


01 - Sky Raper
02 - Tinitus
03 - Eternitiez
04 - Cable Vamp
05 - Dirty Decisions (Saine Split Decision Remix)
06 - Sky Raper (Shlohmo Remix)
07 - Snare Wars (KenLo Craqnuques Remelange)
08 - Snare Wars (Mr. Dibiase Chopped Re-up)
09 - Cable Vamp (DZA Remix) FREE BONUS

And to set the tone...

Comfort Fit || Tinitus || Private Primate

Comfort Fit || Snare Wars (Mr. Dibiase Chopped Re-up) || Private Primate

Comfort Fit || Cable Vamp || Private Primate || download (courtesy of XLR8R)

Private Primate will be out July 27th on Error Broadcast.

Say wrd.


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