Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Morpheground: Off D'Wrekkid Vol. 2

He's at it again.
Italy's Morpheground delivers a sophomore EP in his Off D'Wrekkid series.

Again, for those not familiar, he's had some banging though sporadic releases in the last few yrs. Laying in the cut in his small Italian community, the young 20 something Morpheground is determined to have more releases and performances this yr and beyond. No Doubt.
I've loved his work and you will to.

<a href="http://morpheground.bandcamp.com/track/kemestree">Kemestree by Morpheground</a>

<a href="http://morpheground.bandcamp.com/track/take-my-money">Take my money by Morpheground</a>

Off D'Wrekkid Vol. 2 is available now via Morpheground's Bandcamp.




  1. i can only stay awake for so long im startin to see airplanes that arent there and the grass here is strange im probably not gonna handle any more hank could help be honored and do the honors


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