Thursday, July 22, 2010

Exile: Radio Bonus [DWNLD]

Long ago, a remix record of Exile's famed Radio was scheduled to appear. The discordant discussions were discontinued this week with delightful news.
First a date was announced for AM/FM, the official Radio remix record from Exile, Aug 31st, and that will be released by the good ppl over @ Plug Research.
Secondly, to hold you down until then, in a sort of mea culpa, a good ol'fashion radio giveaway: RADIO BONUS.

In A&R'ing the AM/FM submissions for rmxs, there was such a deluge of tracks that they decided to create a freebie: RADIO BONUS. To boot, they included some cutting room floor tracks from RADIO that were, until now, unheard.
On the boards for this project?? The mighty Dibia$e, Teebs, DJ Rhettmatic, Mike Gao, Marco Polo and many more.

<a href="">Population Control (Dibia$e Remix) by Dirty Science</a>

<a href="">So We Can Move (Teebs Remix) by Dirty Science</a>

Best part? No need to call your fave station. Just get here:

Exile: Radio Bonus

Who said ppl don't listen to radio anymore...


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