Thursday, July 22, 2010

Asura / Anenon: Silver Trees / Damiel

For the few that I get speak to personally, you know how much i love the atmospheric, ambient and moody, layered on top of rhythmic. Love to work them into my sets.
Young startup Non Projects has just released a double A side featuring Asura and new comer Anenon.

Rising out of the bottomless talent farm that seems to be Los Angeles, they are making their mark, both emerging from a more erudite background as college music graduates.
Much of it perceptible in the complexity of the riddims, but f*ck it - sh*t is tight.

Asura || Sleepers

Anenon || Chimera

The Asura / Anenon. EP is out now on digi.



  1. Heres a suggestion.

    Make your embedded players unable to play simuetensly.make it so when im playing one track and i hit play on another the first track i was playing stops automatically

    Please update ur shit


  2. Hmmm... thx for the suggestion. But i'm not here to re-invent the wheel. You can stop the track you're playing and play the other. Didn't realize it was such a nuisance. Regardless, thx again for the suggestion. Note taken.



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