Thursday, July 29, 2010

PUDGE: Idiot Box Pon The Way [DWNLD]

I've chatted P.U.D.G.E. before. I mind not chatting his name again.

On it's way to your speakers is Idiot Box, his 1st full length courtesy of the good ppl over @ Ramp Recordings. One thing I've always loved about P.U.D.G.E.'s sound... is well, his sound. Pretty much a standout in this game with a signature style of deft chops, finely selected samples that come together in this amazing amalgam of audio. Idiot Box should be in chops hella soon.

PUDGE || Insensitivity || download (courtesy of XLR8R)

Stay tuned for chunes.


Sonar Chicago: Las Ramblas to The Bean

For those of you who heard the rumblings, BAM. And for those who haven't, BAM. And for those who are "Huh?"...
Well, Sonar is a summer music festival that has had a stellar history of impeccable music programming in it's native Barcelona. I've been and have had some of the best times. In fact, Sonar is reason for my undying love of Barcelona in fact.
So in May, I heard that this maybe going to happen... and so it has.

For those who have never been to Chicago, what a beautiful city. Some call it Toronto's sister city. I've had many a good time there, as recently as earlier this year.

This is excellent news and i'm glad to have such a great festival come so close to home. For more info on confirmed acts, bes ure to hit the them up:

Sonar Chicago.

See you there ya? Shouts to Chris Forgie for the shot of the bean.


Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Love This: Caribou's Sun [VIDEO]

Could there be a more a propos track right now?? Video is just as banging.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Morpheground: Off D'Wrekkid Vol. 2

He's at it again.
Italy's Morpheground delivers a sophomore EP in his Off D'Wrekkid series.

Again, for those not familiar, he's had some banging though sporadic releases in the last few yrs. Laying in the cut in his small Italian community, the young 20 something Morpheground is determined to have more releases and performances this yr and beyond. No Doubt.
I've loved his work and you will to.

<a href="">Kemestree by Morpheground</a>

<a href="">Take my money by Morpheground</a>

Off D'Wrekkid Vol. 2 is available now via Morpheground's Bandcamp.



Monday, July 26, 2010

Floating Points x mymanhenri x The Makeover: Live in Toronto Aug 6th, SuperMarket

2 weeks.
In 2 weeks we are pleased to listen to the Eglo Records genius of Sam Shepard aka Floating Points, Live from the UK.
Had the pleasure of sitting w/ Sam and 'em a few years back a few months after his smash @ the time white label 12" was released.
August 6th will be an amazing night which will also feature The MakeOver as well as mymanhenri to fill out the bill.

Deets are as follows:

Floating Points (UK, EGLO Records)
w/ The Makeover + mymanhenri
Aug 6th 2010
Supermarket || 268 Augusta ave
RSVP @ FaceBook event page here

See you in 2 weeks.


The Many Faces of Machine Drum: New EP [DWNLD]

Shouts to Machine Drum. Days after rawking a show w/ him in Toronto, i was glad to get a hold of his EP - for which he was on promo tour.

Many Faces EP is very much that, his many faces. Machine Drum, né Travis Stewart will go from a frenetic tempo to something for more of the beat head, right back up to the dance floor boogie.
Those musical qualities has landed him a multitude of rmx work as well as gigs all across the US and EU as well.
Regardless, this Lucky Me souldier is another cat to keep in your personal library.

Machine Drum || Sakatak

Machine Drum || Lemme F*ck it || download (courtesy of URB)

Many Faces is out now.



Friday, July 23, 2010

Knxwledge's Skrawberries Funraiser V.3

Been a minute.
After a quasi blitzkrieg of beats and releases from Klim0de, it's been a little quiet over @ the kamp.
Here to virtually break that silence in the city of brotherly love is Knxwledge, and the release of his newest komposition: SKR∆WBERRiES​.​FUNR∆iSRS VOL​.​3

Still displaying the adept work and skill that has his record sellout quick (locally here in Toronto @ Slinky Music), Knxwledge on SKR∆WBERRiES​.​FUNR∆iSRS VOL​.​3 slap-chops up those samples and vocals with that flavor that made his previous Klouds a favorite.

<a href="">&#8710;romatik by Knxwledge.</a>

<a href="">Selekt by Knxwledge.</a>

22 tracks deep, SKR∆WBERRiES​.​FUNR∆iSRS VOL​.​3 is available from Knxwledge's bandcamp now.

Show love.


Shigeto: What We Held Onto [DWNLD]

Shigeto has been busy working the boards in the lab. Shortly after the release of his Semi-Circle on famed Ghostly International came some remix work left and right, still keeping course on the release of his anticipated full length LP: Full Circle.
To hold cats down, Shigeto is letting go of a free EP, a kind of bridge between the last release and the forthcoming

What We Held Onto certainly showcases what has made the now Brooklyn burgher Shigeto, the rising start that he's become, and for those who didn't have a chance to catch him on the 1st Semi-Circle go around, can grab this to have a full taste.

Shigeto || What We Held Onto || What We Held Onto EP

You can download the free EP over @ Ghostly's page.



Thursday, July 22, 2010

Asura / Anenon: Silver Trees / Damiel

For the few that I get speak to personally, you know how much i love the atmospheric, ambient and moody, layered on top of rhythmic. Love to work them into my sets.
Young startup Non Projects has just released a double A side featuring Asura and new comer Anenon.

Rising out of the bottomless talent farm that seems to be Los Angeles, they are making their mark, both emerging from a more erudite background as college music graduates.
Much of it perceptible in the complexity of the riddims, but f*ck it - sh*t is tight.

Asura || Sleepers

Anenon || Chimera

The Asura / Anenon. EP is out now on digi.


Kenlo Craqnuques: BRUN [DWNLD]

With a gross domestic production that rivals both Madlib and possibly China (lol), our good friend Kenlo Craqnuques releases a new colorful comp: BRUN

BRUN will simply get you more of his raw riddims and synths, rough melodies all chopped from his skilled épée.

<a href="">107_Superbrizzun_un by KenLo Craqnuques</a>

<a href="">116_Cuisine by KenLo Craqnuques</a>

Get your copy of BRUN now. Click away.



Exile: Radio Bonus [DWNLD]

Long ago, a remix record of Exile's famed Radio was scheduled to appear. The discordant discussions were discontinued this week with delightful news.
First a date was announced for AM/FM, the official Radio remix record from Exile, Aug 31st, and that will be released by the good ppl over @ Plug Research.
Secondly, to hold you down until then, in a sort of mea culpa, a good ol'fashion radio giveaway: RADIO BONUS.

In A&R'ing the AM/FM submissions for rmxs, there was such a deluge of tracks that they decided to create a freebie: RADIO BONUS. To boot, they included some cutting room floor tracks from RADIO that were, until now, unheard.
On the boards for this project?? The mighty Dibia$e, Teebs, DJ Rhettmatic, Mike Gao, Marco Polo and many more.

<a href="">Population Control (Dibia$e Remix) by Dirty Science</a>

<a href="">So We Can Move (Teebs Remix) by Dirty Science</a>

Best part? No need to call your fave station. Just get here:

Exile: Radio Bonus

Who said ppl don't listen to radio anymore...


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Kutmah: Stones Throw Podcast #61 [DWNLD]

Many of you may now know that artiste Kutmah is now back in his native UK, to the dismay of all of his fam in LA. He eventually surfaced in Manchester, starting a new chapter of a career.

So it's to no one's surprise that he's back making us all smile with his idiosyncrasies and bomb mixes! lol.
In a stellar move, the new Stones Throw podcast is hosted entirely by Kutmah.

You need to get that now RIGHT NOW. You know he's always got gems!

Stones Throw Presents Throwing Stones by Kutmah.

Shouts to Illumshere for the shot.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Various Assets: RBMA LONDON 2010 Compilation [DWNLD]

The Red Bull Music Academy has the the indie artist's best friend, as well as the music fan's darling. But in the last few years, the labels may have become fanboys just as much.
The 4-5 yrs past have seen RBMA grads go on to much bigger and much more flourishing careers. Some well known, others lesser - but they've all had their own impact. The RBMA is a quasi farm team, and incubator of talent. So it was w/o question that the 2010 RBMA in London was going to be one of the most significant ones.
And if you were not able to watch the countless lectures, the near hourly updates on the website, or been privileged enough to be on their mailing list, they have now made the highly sought after compilation CD, Various Assets – Not For Sale: Red Bull Music Academy London 2010, available as a free download. Wow.

This is an opportunity to sample the RBMA's wares, and witness some starts in the making @ theirs beginnings. A Double CD, 38 tracks in total featuring past, present and future stars.

Download: Various Assets – Not For Sale: Red Bull Music Academy London 2010



Friday, July 16, 2010

XLR8R Bats Around The Beat Scene, Discusses Dynamics + Future

My man and I had a spirited convo about this article.



Thursday, July 15, 2010

Private Primate: Comfort Fit's Newest Opus


German Boris Mezga bka Comfort Fit returns from the wilderness, this time joining the troop over @ Error Broadcast, after a briliant set of releases over @ Tokyo Dawn (which I regrettably never got around to posting - le sigh).
This time, the curtains have been drawn, melodies dissolved, and the drum racks are front and center. The riddims are noticeably darker, the mood more morose and the snares more succinct. Say wrd.
I've known Comfort Fit for his musicianship, and this new EP Private Primate is clearly more proof of his control of the boards, flexing with the strength of a silverback.

Private Primate is will come in a vinyl 12" featuring 2 tracks, or a deluxe digital version which will have a gaggle of guests for bonus remixes from the previous record:
Dibiase, Dza, Kenlo, and Shlohmo to name a few.


01 - Sky Raper
02 - Tinitus
03 - Eternitiez
04 - Cable Vamp
05 - Dirty Decisions (Saine Split Decision Remix)
06 - Sky Raper (Shlohmo Remix)
07 - Snare Wars (KenLo Craqnuques Remelange)
08 - Snare Wars (Mr. Dibiase Chopped Re-up)
09 - Cable Vamp (DZA Remix) FREE BONUS

And to set the tone...

Comfort Fit || Tinitus || Private Primate

Comfort Fit || Snare Wars (Mr. Dibiase Chopped Re-up) || Private Primate

Comfort Fit || Cable Vamp || Private Primate || download (courtesy of XLR8R)

Private Primate will be out July 27th on Error Broadcast.

Say wrd.


Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shigeto Reworks Red for Devonwho

In what will possibly be a beat swap, Ghostly's Shigeto reworks a Devonwho banger.

Devonwho - Red ( Shigeto Redux ) by SHIGETO



Exclusive Take + Ras G rmx for Dublab [DWNLD]

Both Take and Ras G have long been friends of Dublab, (and in fact, that's where I met both for the 1st time) and were asked to be part of this project. Using records dug up from a recent trip by Dublab's Frosty to Thailand, they chopped, flipped and reworked. And to boot, it was made available to all. exclusively via Vtech.

Take: Face The Firing Squad (rmx)

Download || The Sounds of VTech / Take: Face The Firing Squad Remix   

Ras G: Pad Thai (no fish sauce please)

Download || The Sounds of VTech / Ras G: Pad Thai (no fish sauce please)   



MmmHmm: New Flying Lotus Visuals [VIDEO]

Via their YouTube channel, Warp officially releases the Flying Lotus video for MmmHmm, another of the stand out track. Enjoy.


Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Dizz1 @ Sonar: Chatting Ableton + Serato [VIDEO]

I was just telling Dizz1 that I was slowly transitioning entirely to Ableton Live, but he told me to keep my eye out for Bridge. I still like Serato as I mess with it in internal mode, but im' curious. I'll leave it @ that. Regardless, the Ableton Live proficient, former scratch DJ still bangs out a hot set - and I still love that EP of his.
Here's a convo that he had w/ the good ppl @ Serato @ Sonar a few weeks back.


Monday, July 12, 2010

MachineDrum: Live @ Drake Hotel June 16th 2010

Looking fwd to this night. Machinedrum aka Travis Stewart will be in town for his Toronto stop of his Many Faces tour w/ Tigersapien. This newly anointed Lucky Me member has been on a dizzying tour of both EU and North Am and he'll be gracing the stage @ The Drake Underground this week.


Dmoney presents:
MachineDrum w/ Tigersapien + mymanhenri
Friday July 16th 2010
@ The Drake Underground - 1150 Queen St west
You can RSVP @ the Facebook Event page.

And to set the tone, enjoy Machinedrum's most recent mix for XLR8R.

Machinedrum || FR33DUMB Mixtape || download + tracklist



Back from a explosive mini North Am tour supporting the release of Only Mountains from Alpha Pup, Take releases a new mysterious and quasi-cryptic video, for a similarly dark and obscure track, Implosions.
Was glad to hear that his CD sold out of Slinky Music days after his show here in Toronto. Only Mountains It's out now on CD and on digital as well. Do yourself a favor and cop it. You'll thank me later like Drake. LOL. Anyhow, enjoy Implosions.


Lucky Us: The Blessings New Mixtape [DWNLD]

Dom Sum & Fine Art are The Blessings. Unfamiliar? Lucky Me's latest priority for the boutique imprint. Dom and I had the chance to travel to Sonar last year, and that's when I realized that he had been working on riddims. Say wrd.
So we find ourselves a month away from the release of their debut EP Galaxy High for Nod Navigators, and we're def looking fwd. Lucky me gets love here.
So in anticipation, they've leaked a mixtape.

The Blessings || Nod Navigators Podcast || download



Mike Slott: 'Amanallah' [VIDEO]

What's Mike Slott's been up to?? I've not seen dude in a hot min + his last EP Lucky 9Teen came what is seemingly a min ago. All good. It still bangs well, and get your hands on it if you've not yet.
But yesterday, he tweeted about this new video for a Lucky 9Teen track called Amanallah. Great track, tight video - directed by Stuart Langfield. Enjoy.

Shouts to Lucky Me.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Reaching New Lows: Low End Theory Podcasts v16 [DWNLD]

Never on schedule, but always on time: the Low End Theory Podcast v16. Can you believe it?? No doubt.

This time around, repping Low End, we have D-Styles and, riding shotgun is Asura, of NonProjects fame (more on that hella soon).

You know the deal, if you're not subscribed to Low End Theory Podcast, you can pull it down here:

Low End Theory || Podcast (right click)


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