Sunday, June 20, 2010

Ubeat Releases Maverick Session Two

Long ago, before the quasar that is future beats sucked many of us into it's black hole, Jay Scarlett and Onur Engin were busy curating shows that featured much of this now heralded music. From the Ampsoul Generation radio show, to various comps, they both led the way and were instrumental in many careers. Add me to that.
So after releasing Maverick Sessions One, a comp which introduced us to a new crop of up and comers, the follow up is now here:
Maverick Sessions Two

Once again, Jay & Onur release a remarkable compilation through the Ubeat Records imprint, demonstrating their firm grasp and respect as torchbearers and premiere tastemakers in this musical space that is future beats/instrumentalists.

Featured on this comp are names that the erudite of the scene will recognize, but even some are new to the landscape.

Vloop & Kenlo - Svelte Beat (Original Mix)
Elan - Fresh Lava (Original Mix)
Kan Sano - Rec Gain Up (Original Mix)
Stevo - Pad Pusher (Original Mix)

Onra - Lying Besides You (Original Mix)
Sauce 81 - Tbs (Original Mix)
Mau'lin - Deadcab (Original Mix)
Devonwho - Clementine (Original Mix)
Yosi Horikawa - Cook From South (Original Mix)

A stellar comp that's available online now, and may have physical units available soon, to be confirmed.


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