Friday, June 25, 2010

Shlohmo: Camping EP

I was telling my boy a few days back - I love when the tempo is so slow that ppl have to listen instead of dance. There should be more of it happening. Ha.
Bay area wunderkid Shlohmo returns w/ a heavy, plodding and almost sedate sophomore release: Camping EP.

Heads will nod, clouds of smoke will be blown to this new Shlohmo Camping EP which features 4 new joints as well as 3 rmxs including one from Ghostly's Shigeto. But more interesting is the slow, almost unhurried nature of the record, almost allowing you to digest it completely, extracting all it's parts from start to finish. I'm with it.

Camping EP was released just over 1 week ago and is def avail online, and may have some physical units on hand - though to confirmed.

Shlohmo || Naps

Shlohmo || Post Atmosphere (Baths rmx)


1 comment:

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