Friday, June 25, 2010

Alex Nut & Ho_Tep present Throwing Snow: Un Vingt/Cronos

It's not enough that Rinse FM's Alex Nut has a show, is part of Eglo Records, and consistenly kills us w/ exclusives, but he's now found time for more work (are there more than 24hrs in a day now?)
With the few hours left in his day, that most of us would use to sleep, Alex Nut has started a new label Ho_Tep and is celebrating it's inception w/ his 1st release: Throwing Snow.

Né Ross Stones, Throwing Snow defines what I love about this emerging scene, the amalgam of inspirations and genres: Samples, electronic textures, colorful synths and varying tempos all have part in this beat bouillabaisse.

Throwing Snow || Cronos

Looks like the vinyl has arrived from manufacturing as per a tweet this morning. Awesome. Look for this release to be in stores Mid July, in your finer boutiques.


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