Thursday, May 20, 2010

Master Blazter: The Mix by Kutmah [DWNLD]


After much anticipation, it has finally arrived: MASTER BLAZTER. The triumvirate made up of J1, Dam Funk and Computer Jay is finally making it's most anticipated apparition.

And to celebrate the official launch of this supergroup, the good ppl @ HVW8 commissioned a mix by none another than the most cultured curator Kutmah (FREE KUTMAH).

Looks like they have a pretty heavy summer touring sched planned (as Computer Jay mentioned), so look for dates in your town soon.


1. Water - J1
2. Funktronic - Computer Jay
3. Feel in The Blank - J1
4. Just Wanna Ride - D-F
5. Rescue - J1
6. Show Me The Way - D-F
7. She Lights Me Up - D-F
8. Slang Talk - J1
9. 44th Chamber - J1
10. I Dont Just Do Beats..I Do music - D-F
11. Thunder Horns - Computer Jay
12. I was Wrong..I Take It Back - Computer Jay
13. Maintain - Computer Jay
14. Visa Stamp - Computer Jay
15. Whip - Computer Jay
16. Sunny - J1
17. Bearclaw - Computer Jay
18. Phantom - Computer Jay

MASTER BLAZTER || Blazt Off Mix by Kutmah || download (right click)



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