Monday, May 3, 2010

Leonard Dstroy: Higher Vibrations [DWNLD]

BOOM. NY might be looking up and down these streets for a bomber, but I should collect the ransom and send em to Leonard Dstroy. Say Wrd.
Simply put, he just dropped a full LP of absolute goodies, having me doing a complete mea culpa for sitting on 'em. DAYUM.

Higher Vibrations: 15 sticks of dynamite from Leonard Dstroy. Mostly instrumental bangers, with the odd vocal joint (that still bang in fact), you should find enjoyment in keeping this one in rotation. Might I even suggest a HazMat suit to be safe when you grab this free download?

Leonard Dstroy || Mojave
<a href="">Mojave by Leonard Dstroy</a>

Leonard Dstroy || Trying to Find My Way ft Reggie B.
<a href="">Trying To Find My Way ft. Reggie B by Leonard Dstroy</a>

Leonard Dstroy || Higher Vibrations || download.

Simply put, just grab this freebie and show my man Leonard Dstroy some love. You can also find him on SoundCloud. Say wrd.


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