Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Flying Lotus' Cosmogramma Orchestral Rendition @ Echoplex [VIDEO]

Wow. I knew this had the makings of a Homeric night.

As some of you knew, Flying Lotus had a 2 part Cosmogramma event in Los Angeles. One geared for the beat heads, a quasi special Low End theory one off, and the 2nd was the orchestral interpretation, one he had long been working towards.
Taking place on back to back nights, this past weekend was essentially spoken for were you one of the lucky ones to snatch tickets up.
Faced with a decision to choose one of the two, I might have done the 2nd night out of pure curiosity. The orchestral arrangement has been discussed by FLyLo for some time now, and i've been quite curious. We had a glimpse of a free jazz event he did on his birthday, but this was likely going to be the crescendo of his compositions. I'll let you judge for yourself.

Word is that this was all captured in high definition. I cannot wait for this to come out. Shouts to Glen Jamn for the footage.



  1. This is awesome, and exactly what I'd like my jams to be like... But, I don't really see/hear FlyLo actually doing much here—especially in the 2nd clip.

    I'm probably missing a bunch, and it's great it's not just all about him... but I'd love to hear some more seamless computer music back and forth shit going on.

  2. 2nd clip is absolutely amazing stuff! Harp is just so necessaary, drums&bass rocking, violin floats next to none and the presence of FlyLo makes it all happen. Superb!


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