Friday, May 28, 2010

B Bravo Goes Brownswood [DWNLD]

Leading the charge for what will definitely be a spectacular compilation, Cali native B Bravo, fresh from a Beat Camp over @ the Red Bull Music Academy, is the lead off release from the late june release of the Brownswood Electric compilation.

Originally out independently, Computer Love is being rebuffed and rereleased as part of the said comp out June 28th. So be sure to mark your calendars and check your local music emporiums for that goodness. In the meantime, enjoy a freebie from the good ppl @ Brownswood.

Computer Love || B Bravo || download (right click)


Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Mike Slott Mix: Resident Advisor [DWNLD]

Say wrd.

Could not go w/o highlighting this one. Mike Slott has been busy on a few projects, notably some rmxs and a full length - which are both great news to our ears. Even better is this mix he posted a few weeks back for Resident Advisor. Again, just cleaning house w/ my boomark folder. ;)

Mike Slott || Resident Advisor podcast || Download



All City Podcast #2 [DWNLD]

This dropped not so long ago. As I proceed to play some catch up w/ my bookmarks, and clear the to do list.

Tracklist looks as follows:

Flying Lotus - Cosmic Dream (Warp)
Om Unit - Cradle (Terrorrhythm)
Mothl - Yellow (White)
Mweslee - Nova Olimpia (Kindred Spirits)
Zomby - Tarantula (Hyperdub)
Instra:mental - Leave it All Behind (Applepips)
Royal Cash - RadioActivity (Sutra)
Gabrielle - Sweet Dreams Bump n Flex Rmx (Go!)
Ramadanman - Glut (Hemlock)
Joy Orbison - The Shrew Would Have Cushioned The Blow (Aus)
Floating Points - Shark Chase (Eglo)
GB - Expander (Gifted & Blessed)
Unknown DJ - Lets Jam (Techno Hop)
Roska - Time Stamp (Rinse)
Unknown - Bills Refix (Harmonix)
Houseshoes - Newports (All City)

Mixed by SubOne/Olan

All City Podcast || Download.



Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Heave(n): Flying Lotus [VIDEO]

This one just slid in under the radar on twitter.



92bpm Presents: TAKE, Live @ Drake June 10th 2010


Been working to make this happen for a min. I've admired his work for sometime and have been a follower of his tireless output of music. A true consummate professional.
So it's with genuine excitement that we present a night w/ Take @ The Drake Hotel:

Joining take will be duo par excellence Ultragamma & mymanhenri. And, you know that the sound will be as it should, as this night will take place @ what is likely the best sounding venue in Toronto: The Drake Hotel. Get ready for a a/v night of goodness.

TAKE (LA, Alpha Pup, Dublab, All City) || Live @ The Drake
w/ mymanhenri + ultragamma
Thursday June 10th 2010
Drake Underground - 1150 Queen St West
The FB event page is here.

And as I was looking for flyer inspiration, I was thinking yes... ASTEROIDS. Found myself playing the game as well. I do have to shout out for that. In fact, just as Google posted some retro goodness last week, I'll do something similar - for those of you who recall. Use your arrow keys to move and space bar to shoot.

Anyhow, looking fwd to seeing you all June 10th.

More to come.


Friday, May 21, 2010

Rising 5: Wednesday Thursday May 26th @ Blondies - FREE

Bring some Bengay™ and a neck brace.

Sylvermayne, Kaewonder and I will have some fun. Come thru.

Rising 5
Blondies - 1378 Queen St West.
Wednesday May 26th
Facebook event page is here.

I believe they have some drink specials before 12. Can't recall. I'll get the deets.

Cool. Catch you cats next week.


Thursday, May 20, 2010

Master Blazter: The Mix by Kutmah [DWNLD]


After much anticipation, it has finally arrived: MASTER BLAZTER. The triumvirate made up of J1, Dam Funk and Computer Jay is finally making it's most anticipated apparition.

And to celebrate the official launch of this supergroup, the good ppl @ HVW8 commissioned a mix by none another than the most cultured curator Kutmah (FREE KUTMAH).

Looks like they have a pretty heavy summer touring sched planned (as Computer Jay mentioned), so look for dates in your town soon.


1. Water - J1
2. Funktronic - Computer Jay
3. Feel in The Blank - J1
4. Just Wanna Ride - D-F
5. Rescue - J1
6. Show Me The Way - D-F
7. She Lights Me Up - D-F
8. Slang Talk - J1
9. 44th Chamber - J1
10. I Dont Just Do Beats..I Do music - D-F
11. Thunder Horns - Computer Jay
12. I was Wrong..I Take It Back - Computer Jay
13. Maintain - Computer Jay
14. Visa Stamp - Computer Jay
15. Whip - Computer Jay
16. Sunny - J1
17. Bearclaw - Computer Jay
18. Phantom - Computer Jay

MASTER BLAZTER || Blazt Off Mix by Kutmah || download (right click)



Paul White Shakes A Leg Mix [DWNLD]

Preparing for both his release on One Handed / Now Again, and it's corresponding release party in London, Paul White offers up a quick mix to hold us all down.

Tracklist is as follows:

Shake A Leg Mix

Bruce Haack Intro
Bob James - 'Love Power'
Azymuth - 'Last Summer In Rio'
The Alan Parson Project - 'Nucleus'
Can - 'Paperhouse'
Gong - 'Dynamite: I Am Your Animal'
Aaron Harry - 'On Golden Sands'
Phil Upchurch - 'Adam And Charlene'
Hummingbird - 'Anna's Song'
Les Crane - 'Esperanza'
Rick Wakeman - 'Dante Period'
ELO - 'Yours Truely, 2095'
Paul White - 'The Doldrum'
U-Roy - 'Natty Rebel'
U-Roy - 'So Jah Jah Say'
Ken Boothe - 'Aint No Sunshine'
Weather Report - 'Lusitanos'
Weather Report - 'Badia'
Paul White - 'Future Adventures'
Paul White - 'Dance Scene'
Paul White - 'Space Princess'
Paul White - 'Roots'
Paul White - 'Moonlight'
Neil Outro

you can stream it here or his the little arrow for download.

Paul White - Shake Your Leg Mixtape



Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Brownswood Electric: Like A Crash Of Thunder

Curator extraordinaire Gilles Peterson does his homework. Seeing the blurring borders between beats taking place, he's been showcasing and offering them a stage @ both his radio show as well as his annual festival.

With his label Brownswood Recordings in full motion, and a number of album and comps under his belt, we are privy to a new one compilation showcasing the new sound: That jambalaya of electronic that we have yet to title but we know so well.

Brownswood Electric is a comp compiled by Alex Stevenson of Brownswood Recordings and will offer up some of the newer up and coming names in the game that have been quietly making some noise (if that's possible)

Tracklisting will look like this:

01 B. Bravo - Computa Love
02 devonwho - Whispers
03 Eliphino - Let Me Love You Forever
04 Pearson Sound - Wad
05 Mosca - Square One
06 Shlohmo - Antigravity (Low Limit Remix)
07 Letherette - Blad
08 KiEnRa - BB Thing
09 16bit - ADSL
10 Hypno - Over The Top
11 George Fitzgerald - Painted Jezebel
12 Clueless - Lady In Red (Club Edit)
13 Von D - Berlin Call (Alps Edit)
14 Rockwell - Underpass
15 Mount Kimbie - Serged

Here's sampler of what's to come.

Brownswood Electric is due out June 28th. Look for more deets as they're made available, and be sure to check Brownswood Recordings for more info.


Computer Jay [VIDEO]


Aug 2007, HVW8 podcast introduced me to Computer Jay. I've been listening to dude's music ever since and have been scheming to get him to Toronto. When in LA, she showed me a synth that he assemble with his own hands (you see it in the vid below). I saw him rawk @ Gaslamp Killer's bday party. Computer Jay, is serious. As well, beyond his own music, he's got obligations w/ 2 other bands - one of which is w/ Da Funk and J-1 as MASTER BLAZTER. All you progressive jazz festival programmers need to book this cat immediately.
Anyhow, here's a little studio vid I came across after reading one of his tweets.

Computer Jay in studio

Shouts to Qualities of Light.

Stay tuned.


Afta1: A Studio Session [VIDEO]

Monday night, I had a quick convo w/ my man Kirobot who thanked me for putting him onto Afta1. Sh*t, someone put me on. In fact, the 1st person to have done so was Kutmah (FREE KUTMAH). But a sistren like Mec Zilla confirmed it as well.
Regardless, Afta1 and I have chopped it up on his music quite a few times, and I for one look fwd to his new record to drop in the very near future (or get the cassettes)

Regardless, here's a little studio vid I was sent.

Live Session w/ Afta1

Music that makes you hold your girl's hand. Say wrd. Shouts to Dj Erok for the moving pictures.


Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Cosmopolyphonic Radio x Onra Guestmix [DWNLD]

I'd been meaning to post this one for a min. Having great respect for what Cosmopolyphonic is doing out in JPN, and equally having admiration for Onra and the work that he's done over the years. Even better, we're all looking fwd to that new LP Long Distance from Onra coming out on All City this month.
So when Cosmopolyphonic Radio announced a guest mix by Onra, you know we had to show some love (beyond the fact that they have a great podcast regardless).

Tracklist looks like this:

Al B. Sure! - Night And Day (Onra Mix)
Count Bass D - 95 Chop
14KT - T&A
Walter Mecca - Time Control
Buddy Sativa - Growing Up (Alternate Mix)
Suff Daddy - D.I. Luv
Eltron John - And Then We Realize
Onra - Tape This
BTB & Luvraw - On The Way Down
Onra - To The Beat ft. Walter Mecca
Reggie B - Reclaim Your Mind
Krystal Klear - Never Thought You Would Go
Hollyweerd - Have You Ever Made Love To a Weerdo (Dam-Funk remix)
Outkast - Funky Ride

You can download this episode and the rest of the great shows here: Cosmopolyphonic Radio.


Monday Jazz Mix: Fitz Ambro$e [DWNLD]

What better way to start a new chapter. Fresh from moving from Sendai to Tokyo, the homie Fitz Ambro$e was asked to curate a mix for the good ppl @ the legendary Monday Jazz.

This was days removed from his appearance @ Cosmopolyphonic 4. Look out for more from Fitz Ambro$e as 2010 should see his releases form ∆ICASEA. Say wrd. In the meantime, you can get his mix here.



Flying Lotus' Cosmogramma Orchestral Rendition @ Echoplex [VIDEO]

Wow. I knew this had the makings of a Homeric night.

As some of you knew, Flying Lotus had a 2 part Cosmogramma event in Los Angeles. One geared for the beat heads, a quasi special Low End theory one off, and the 2nd was the orchestral interpretation, one he had long been working towards.
Taking place on back to back nights, this past weekend was essentially spoken for were you one of the lucky ones to snatch tickets up.
Faced with a decision to choose one of the two, I might have done the 2nd night out of pure curiosity. The orchestral arrangement has been discussed by FLyLo for some time now, and i've been quite curious. We had a glimpse of a free jazz event he did on his birthday, but this was likely going to be the crescendo of his compositions. I'll let you judge for yourself.

Word is that this was all captured in high definition. I cannot wait for this to come out. Shouts to Glen Jamn for the footage.


Monday, May 17, 2010

Gaslamp Killer: May 14th 2010 @ Wrongbar: RECAP [VIDEO]


Shouts to The Gaslamp Killer, Ultragamma, Dmoney, Doogie Boom and Embrace.


Tuesday, May 11, 2010


I had to put that one all in caps. You've heard me go on about PUDGE in the past. NY to ATL to LA, dude got more game that a referee w/ a whistle. PUDGE got classics that cats have STILL not heard. Say wrd.

He's had a release this year on All City, and has a record coming on Ramp Recordings as well, but countless bangers floating here and there in space. He's rawked Low End Theory, has been featured on Mary Anne Hobbs' Experimental, and he'll soon be in Toronto for a 92bpm event. Rest assured.
Days ago, he released Don't Touch My Drumset indepently, a collection of joints bangers the man himself.

You can go cop @ his Bandcamp.

PUDGE || Bowtie Clap

PUDGE || Expanding Hand



Monday, May 10, 2010

Mary Anne Hobbs: City Of Angles Mix ft Samiyam, MatthewDavid Daddy Kev, Gaslamp Killer & Nosaj Thing

Mary Anne Hobbs' LA #2 aka City Of Angels Mix

As she rounds off her extended stay in The Goiden State, Mary Anne Hobbs treats us to another show featuring some of her fave guests, including none other than the Gaslamp Killer, as well as an exclusive mix from Nosaj Thing. Track listing is here.

Mary Anne Hobbs || City Of Angels Mix ft Samiyam, Daddy Kev, Matthewdavid, The Gaslamp Killer & Nosaj Thing || download

Enjoy, and show love.


Illum Sphere: Titan Ep Release

In what was a leak a few months back, the Monarch Of Manchester aka Illum Sphere finally releases the Titan EP, finding a home @ Martyn's 3024 imprint.

The Titan EP carries Illum Sphere's momentum through what was a great end of 2009, and great start to 2010 with his RBMA camp and now this release. Still one of my faves, the lead track is bound to get tons of run.
The Titan EP is now widely available @ all good boutiques. Say wrd.

Illum Sphere || Titan

Enjoy. Show love.


Friday, May 7, 2010

House Shoes & Jordan Rockswell: LA#4 by All City Records

Deacons Of Detroit, Magistrates of Michican, Pontifs of Pontiac, Ann Arbor Aristocrats.... you get it. What we have right now, is the latest installment of All City's LA series #4: Michigan transplants House Shoes and Jordan Rockswell formerly known under the Snowman Jack moniker.

Y'all know the name, House f*cking Shoes, ain't a damn thing changed. You know it. And for those who know and have been following House Shoes, I'm pleased to announce that the tracks you've been wishing for him to drop are finally surfacing. For those who recall the legendary HVW8 podcast that featured much of his work, it's here: Newports is finally dropping.
As well, thought you might be slightly unfamiliar w/ the Jordan Rockswell name, his sound will be more identifiable. You certainly will be familiar with his previous work for All City under the Snowman Jack name, and specifically the 1st of the 7x7 series among other bangers.


1a Newports (download - right click)

1b Dorothys Look

2a Mr Dynomite
2b Winter Warfare
2c The Groove

Out May 10th, this 12" again is an absolute must for that collection. Look for it in your finer boutiques and online.


Gaslamp Killer: May 14th 2010 @ Wrongbar

I told you May was short for mayhem. Just removed from a very busy week here in Toronto, we escalate the roller coaster 1nce again for what will be a breath taking ride, this tile w/ The Gaslamp Killer, live from Los Angeles.

Some of you might recall his very 1st time out here in September 09. Great night. This one will be legendary. Rest assured

Dmoney & Embrace present:
feat: The Gaslamp Killer (BRAINFEEDER, LA)
w/ Ultragamma, Doogieboom, mymanhenri
Friday May 14th @ WrongBar - 1279 Queen St West

The Facebook event is here.

See you next week.


Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Nosaj Thing @ Brainfeeder Session [VIDEO]

I saw pics of this days after it happened. I happened to be in LA for this 1st one in NOV 2009 - which was just wild.
This vid pretty music lays it out for anyone who's been wondering what they're like.

Shouts to Nosaj.


New Paul White feat Guilty Simpson [DWNLD]

One handed Music is @ it again. We have a new Paul White record to speak of, and he collaborates w/ none other than Guilty Simpson.

Ancient Treasures 12" is a throw back to the days of A sides w/ multiple rmxs (which you cats know I love dearly) and this one does not disappoint.
Ancient Treasures is available now on his Bandcamp site as well as through Stones Throw eStore. And too boot, the original is available as a free download. Say Wrd.

Paul White || Ancient Treasures ft Guilty Simpson || download
<a href="">Ancient Treasure ft Guilty Simpson by Paul White</a>

Paul White || Ancient Treasures ft Guilty Simpson (Paul White's Day Off Remix)
<a href="">Ancient Treasure ft Guilty Simpson (Paul White's Day Off Remix) by Paul White</a>


Show love.


Tuesday, May 4, 2010


As Mono Poly, the prodigious youngster from SoCal, prepares for his Paramatma release due for late May, we are treated by a mix done for long time trailblazing BTS Radio, child of Andrew Meza.



Mixed Nuts: Alex Nut feat Jamie XX [DWNLD]

Alex Nut, ever the jovial cat and consummate pro, had a very special guest for this past weekend's edition of Mixed Nuts.
Jamie from The XX pass through the set and joined both Alex and Queen Fatima. Nice one.

Mixed Nuts || Alex Nut ft Jamie from The XX || download (right click).



Boombaptist Pontificates w/ New Beat Tape

All the way from Austin TX, land of sxsw, some of the dopest mexican food and Mellow Johnny's, comes a Minister of the MPC, Boombaptist.
13 yrs deep in music, he started more as a MC than a producer, but as a fan of that boom-bap, he found himself immersed in production.
FFWD to present day, and we present to you the much buzzed about: BoomBaptist Beat Tape.

26 cuts deep, this evangelist electrifies and dips you in his beatific riddims. Say wrd.

Boombaptist || Lost In Love
<a href="">Lost My Love by BoomBaptist</a>

Boombaptist || West Coast Steez
<a href="">West Coast Steez by BoomBaptist</a>

Boombaptist || The Beat Tape || download.

Enjoy and show love.


Dilla Remixed By Georgia Anne Muldrow: Untitled/Fantastic

Many of you know by now that the good ppl @ Mochilla have released a priceless DVD set featuring live shows from Arthur Verocai, Mulatu Astake and the much talked about Suite For Ma Dukes concert (orchestral interpretations of Dilla's music). There recently were screenings all across North America promoting the DVD box set (which is now available for order). Early this year, the Suite For Ma Dukes EP was also released.
To celebrate the coming Mother's Day and to show love for Ma Dukes, the quixotic Georgia Anne Muldrow was asked for her rendition of a SV classic: Untitled/Fantastic - from one mother to another. A formidable task to say the least.

What began like this...

The Sounds of VTech / Georgia Anne Muldrow Remix: Untitled/Fantastic   

... was completed like this:

The Sounds of VTech / Georgia Anne Muldrow SFMD Remix Untitled/Fantastic   

Slum Village || Untitled/Fantastic ( Georgia Anne Muldrow rmx) ft Nokware || download

Mother's Day Indeed.



Monday, May 3, 2010

James Brown Special @ Benji B's Deviation feat J-Rocc [DWNLD]

Rest in Paradise James Brown. Today was his birthday. In celebration, Benji B was kind enough to get us a JB mix my none other than J-Rocc of Stones Throw/Beat Junkies fam.

Deviation || Benji B feat J-Rocc || James Brown Mix || download (right click).



Leonard Dstroy: Higher Vibrations [DWNLD]

BOOM. NY might be looking up and down these streets for a bomber, but I should collect the ransom and send em to Leonard Dstroy. Say Wrd.
Simply put, he just dropped a full LP of absolute goodies, having me doing a complete mea culpa for sitting on 'em. DAYUM.

Higher Vibrations: 15 sticks of dynamite from Leonard Dstroy. Mostly instrumental bangers, with the odd vocal joint (that still bang in fact), you should find enjoyment in keeping this one in rotation. Might I even suggest a HazMat suit to be safe when you grab this free download?

Leonard Dstroy || Mojave
<a href="">Mojave by Leonard Dstroy</a>

Leonard Dstroy || Trying to Find My Way ft Reggie B.
<a href="">Trying To Find My Way ft. Reggie B by Leonard Dstroy</a>

Leonard Dstroy || Higher Vibrations || download.

Simply put, just grab this freebie and show my man Leonard Dstroy some love. You can also find him on SoundCloud. Say wrd.

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