Thursday, April 22, 2010

Shigeto: Semi Circle EP [DWNLD]

Just released days ago from Ghostly is an EP from Ann Arbor native Shigeto né Zack Saginaw. A trained jazz drummer who has made the transition to production after tinkering away w/ Reason, and now composes full time under his given middle name, in honor of his Japanese great grand father and heritage. With that, we present the Semi Circle EP.

As a 1st release on Ghostly International, Shigeto's Semi Circle EP is an ode to family, melody, and the art of the beat. Nice. Plans are to have a full length later this year. We're looking fwd to it. Semi Circle EP is available now.

Shigeto || The Is Always Hope

Shigeto || Bakers Blunt Basics || download (right click)



  1. the second tune could not be found on the server.

    just a heads up...unless i'm missing something

  2. Good look my dude. FIXED. Damn capital letters.


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