Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lorn: Cherry Moon [DWNLD]

News is blowing right by me like a young Brandon Jennings these days. Speaking of the Bucks, Milwaukee's Lorn just leaked a track over @ FACT Mag, and not sure if it's me but that sci-fi slow flow got me in a cobra clutch right now - totally locked in. Sh*t is bananas and I've been opening my sets w/ that 70 bpm bizness, and da da da da - dahhh, I'm lovin it. This Cherry Moon is hella ripe for the picking. Wish cats would let that metronome loose more oft and let it swing freely. There's nothing wrong with a creeping cadence.
FACT Mag will have this up for another 5 days from the date of this post. Grab whilst you can. I might have it up afterwards.

Lorn || Cherry Moon || download.



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