Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kenlo Craqnuques: Essencial Craqs Mixed By Sven Swift [DWNLD]

From the wonderful city of Montréal, land of the greatest poutine, Schwartz smoked meat and Super Sexe (lol), resides African Kenlo Craqnuques. Long time stalwart of the beat community, he's been honing his craft w/ his trusty MPC by his side. With several releases under his belt, they caught the attention of the good ppl over @ Error-Broadcast. It was only right that they then bring him in to the family's fold, and plan more releases. Fast forward to 2010 and we are proud to make such an announcement.
Coming to the catalog from Error Broadcast will be a new release from Kenlo Craqnuques Cailloux Germés .
Due out in the very near future, it will be the newest from Kenlo's already expansive craqnuque catalog.... and its a banger, believe me.
And to celebrate said coming release, Sven Swift over @ Error-Broadcast put together a mix: Essencial Craqs: Kenlo Craqnuques.


This will be available as download soon (next week apparently), but is a full stream in the interim.

Error-Broadcast || Essencial Craqs || mixed by Sven Swift || download

Shouts to Vancouver's Ryan Mcmaster for a stellar artwork - nice job. Def shouting you when I'm out there next.
As well, to preview the EP, we also have L'Automne En Amour, taken from Cailloux Germés which is now available for download.
KenLo Craqnuques - L'Automne en Amour by Error Broadcast




  1. kenlo drop the most high shit. i've featured him in 2 of my podcast :) i love his heavy sounds. much respect!

  2. ratha qwerty laptop shit than mpc though ...


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