Thursday, April 1, 2010

Erik L's The Soularp Suite [DWNLD]

One year later, i'm still loving Soul Symphony. Huh?!?! That was a banger of a track that was featured on a Ubeat compilation last year, a beautiful joint w/ a prettier melody, and all from the genius of Erik L.
He had since been working on his 1st solo LP and it has finally arrived: The Soularp Suite.

Composed, produced, enginered & mastered by Erik L. On this, his first solo album, Erik L plays every instrument: from his masterful work on the keys, to the bass or sequencing the kicks and snare. Keeping it organic, Erik L went with little to no sampling, and played it all out maintaining that bass heavy funk and electric soul as the base for this musical expedition.
Taking his inspiration from European and classic Nordic folk, Erik L has once again demonstrated that talent and dexterity to translate and put to tape his creativity and harmonies. Guest appearances by Detroit soul-diers Frank n Dank, past collaborators Cerebral Vortex & Stray as well as Paul Mac Innes.

Erik L || Push It Up feat Frank N Dank || download (right click)

Erik L || Electric Dreamland

Erik L || Xirdneh Imij

The Soularp Suite is out in stores and iTunes now. Sick artwork btw.

Say wrd.


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