Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Africa HiTech: Blen.

More like... BLAOW!
No one could be happier than I. At long last, Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek are Africa Hitech.

For the regular listeners of Benji B, Alex Nut et al.... you have heard the name, and heard the music. You will now be able to own it just the same.
You may recall some early sampling of this digital duplet (Turn It On 12", Falling Away by Harmonic 313), and might I add it was the best interpretation of what some might call blacktronica, but essentially electronic soul. This project was born in Toronto during the Red Bull Music Academy in 2007, and looking back, I likely walked into a few of the sessions unknowingly. In fact, I know I did. Who knew those fall 2007 sessions were portents of pulsating riddims to come.... Sick.

Africa Hitech is the genius of Mark Pritchard and Steve Spacek. Dream digital, think tecno, envisage electronic, visualize west indies. Both Pritchard and Spacek have a fondness for electronic and a deep respect for west indian sound and those both blend in this new Blen 12" from Warp.
Might I add that hearing from Steve Spacek was long overdue, and Mark Pritchard is keeping his remarkable course, following an incredible 2009, and stellar start to 2010 w/ this new Africa Hitech 12" and project. Next up will be the EP which is done, and is just fantastic. In the meantime, enjoy and order this 12", if not for this artwork alone. The 12" should be in stores April 19th 2010.


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