Thursday, April 15, 2010

92bpm Welcomes Slinky Music: New Partnership

After several visits and quip filled discussions, 92bpm is delighted to announce a friendly partnership w/ Slinky Music in Toronto.
Slinky Music, located in the famous Queen St West strip, has been doing an incredible job as a record boutique, purveyor of fine music, supplying all things fresh, cool and oft overlooked from wax to CDs to literature. Anyone who has frequented the store can attest to that.
92bpm, in it's little time as a blog, has been able to attract readers from all corners of the globe but more specifically, educate and entertain the members of the Toronto community, the great place it calls home.
As such, 92bpm and Slinky Music have come together to benefit the aficionados, the supporters, the habitués.
Starting today, select posts/records will be tagged and filed under slinky on the blog. That will signify its availability @ Slinky Music and since these records are in shorter supply than most, this will be an opportunity to let you know the record is in stock, and to procure your copy. Moreover, readers of 92bpm will be benefit from a 10% discount by mentioning the promo code 92BPM when making the purchase.
We hope that Toronto will enjoy the fruits of this new partnership, with more incentives to come.

Slinky Music
442 Queen Street West
Toronto, ON M5V 2A8
+1 (416) 603-2600




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