Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Viral Radio: Show #14 [DWNLD]

Ahhh.... A breath of fresh air. I saw this pop up on iTunes, and also saw the tweet. Anyhow, Juha and Cinnaman, the good ppl @ Viral Radio, have another show up - since last week in fact.

Mosca - Square One
Monky - Babubblin
Roska - i need love feat. Anesha
Sully - In Some Pattern
Kuedo - Starfox
James Blake - The Bell Sketches
Sduk - Clunge
Jogger - Biss
Danny Breaks - Titaniktake
Gonjasufi - Kowboyz & Indians

Blue Daisy - Scars
King Midas Sound - Ting dub
Kryptic Minds - Secure lost
Cyrus - Justice rmx
Magenta - Planet
Stagga - Glass Bong (Don Leisure remix)
Monky - Domino Scally
Gonjasufi - Sheep

3VOOR12 Viral Radio #14 | Juha & Cinnaman by Viral Radio

Stream it here or hit that later arrow to put it in your pocket for later!



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