Monday, March 29, 2010

Take Climbs to Crest w/ Only Mountains [DWNLD]

I still recall the day. I met Take on my way to Dublab, to meet he and the Lucky Me family, and he was txt'ing me directions. LOL. By that time, through my diggin, I had discovered Take's music through the vast network that was (is?) myspace (RIP). Wow.

2010 marks 10 yrs of releases by Take, certainly OG by today's standards and w/ no real sign of slowing down.
After years of EU releases and a stunning one earlier this year, Take goes back to LA, and puts forward a chef-d'œuvre through Alpha Pup Records: Only Mountains.

He took a voluntary leave to work on his opus, and is now ready to act as our guide. Shifting tempos, tonal tapestries, we're taken on a hike on our way to the top of Take's Only Mountains. Listeners conversant with Take's catalog will certainly embrace this 13 track sierra. With tracks like Don't Look Now, Crystallia, Incedibright and Neon Beams, this veteran of LA's brand of electronic will add to California's quasi choke hold of fresh and new, and bolster Alpha Pup's blitzkrieg in 2010.
At times this new electronic, future beats space may seem a touch crowded. But when you've grown weary of overly non quantized riddims over looping synths, it would be a ripe time to graduate to/grab yourself a copy of Only Mountain. It's only right.

Take || Incredibright || download (right click)

Take || Neon Beams

Take || Don't Look Now

Only Mountains is out in stores in April 20th, w/ a release party @ Low End Theory the day after. Show love.


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