Tuesday, March 2, 2010

A Sufi And A Killer: Gonja Sufi, Mixed by The Gaslamp Killer [DWNLD]

Yes rasta! I've been looking fwd to this for more than a min. I've been having these convos w/ some pals on how Gonja Sufi's voice is elegiac like it is enchanting. Having heard some scattered selections over the last year and change, I was sold. And with the A Gonja And A Sufi LP due next week from what Warp indicates, it's about to be sold too. Nice.
With production credits from The Gaslamp Killer and Mainframe (Johnson & Johnson fame), and added twist of Brainfeeder baron himself Flying Lotus, we're certain to be treated to something of a classic from Gonja Sufi.
A Gonja And a Sufi has been posted for streaming (as well as a review) by the good ppl @ Clash Music.

And to take along with you, an exclusive mix that yours truly, The Gaslamp Killer created for Mary Anne Hobbs, which aired last week. Amazing.

Gonja Sufi || Mixed By The Gaslamp Killer || Download.(right click)



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