Thursday, March 25, 2010

Maintain with Computer Jay: New Ramp Release [DWNLD]

I couldn't be happier.
Been a follower for a min. And as much as he's had some little drops and appearances here and there, we are glad to see a full fledge release from Computer Jay.

London based Ramp Recordings has released the Maintain 12" which features the title track as well as a triplicate of rmxs, including a Mike Slott ReWork as well as a Funky DL re-edit. It also features an Ikonika rmx.
But more importantly, we hope this is the beginning of may more releases from Computer Jay. Band member with a few more outfits (MASTER BLAZTER, and a band w/ P.U.D.G.E. I believe as well), ppl may not realize that he's a band on his own. Ever since 2007 when I heard the HVW8 podcast v18, and saw the pics of him playing live, surrounded by keys, tickling the ivory and creating pretty melodies, all anchored by the MPC. Sick.
That was an incredible podcast indeed.
I had heard Maintain then, and kept humming that riddim for years after.

Computer Jay || Maintain

And the one that got it all started (for me anyhow....)

Computer Jay || HVW8 podcast v18 || download (right click)

Find this new 12" @ your local music boutique. Show Love.


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