Sunday, March 21, 2010

Knxwledge Goes Above The Klouds With All City Album [DWNLD]

Koming from the kapital of brotherly love that is Philly, and the head kuarters of the Klipm0de - the bi-kostal kuartet of young producers - is the next in line from All City Records: Knxwledge
After some leaks left and right, and a few releases including a 3P EP under the Klipm0de banderole, Knxwledge joins All City as they continue their show of strength w/ his 1st full length LP: Klouds

For those who have followed Knxwledge's work, this has been long awaited. Possibly the most esoteric of the Klipm0de, Knxwledge maintains his path of idiosyncrasy, oft presenting syncopated patterns that might sometimes question your own understanding of rhythms, but really pushes your listening to new thresholds.
But predominantly, Klouds contains signature Klipm0de: pretty chords. kicks, oscillating basslines and that mighty swing.

Notable faves are Give, Advanced Fiber, Kollective, Remember Who You Are and Pattern Klear just to name a few. As I mentioned, if you've been listening to Knwledge all this time, Klouds will be a must in the library. Otherwise, certainly give Knxwledge a good listen as he's irrefutably carved his place in this nebulous, hazy and even kloudy genre and classification that is beats, future beats etc...
Klouds should be in stores this week in your more learned boutiques.

And to set it all up, we have a mini mix that we get to sink or teeth into whist we wait for the full length.

Knxwledge Klouds Mix by allcitydublin || download (right click)




  1. Pattern Klear is a brilliant little song...

  2. its a whole different thing :D


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