Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hudson Mohawke: Pegasus Rising Tour + [VIDEO]

Fresh from engineering Term 2 @ The Red Bull Music Academy, Hudson Mohawke blasts off a North American tour, which starts tonight @ South By South West and criss crosses through the US as well as Canada. You can find the dates on the Warp site.
As well, the good ppl @ Lucky Me also release the new video for Joy Fantastic feat. Olivier Daysoul of the criticially acclaimed Butter.

The sun radiates just as much - enjoy.



  1. Not sure if you were saying it was made this year, but this mix is from 2yrs ago at RBMA Barcelona. Crazy how well it withstands the test of time, up until his Essential Mix came out it was always the mix I'd introduce people to Hudmo with. If you can find a tracklist I'd be forever in debt - been slowly piecing things together over the last two years, but there are still hella tracks I have no clue on. Here's a quote from him regarding the mix...

    "fun as hellll time at sonar a few weeks ago, on the saturday though, i rolled out of bed still totally fucked and had to be at the rbma lounge to start playing records within 10 mins...

    and nowww without my knowledge or blessing, the recorded mix has ended up on rbma radio and as a feature mix for fact magazine (fuck knows how this happened heh)

    so anyway, if you want to hear me playing isley brothers mixed with freeway, still in the zone from the night before, czech it out, its shit tho"


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