Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Free The Robots: Cali Bit Crusher Boots Up w/ CTRL ALT DELETE [DWNLD] [VIDEO]

Once again, we are witness to the genius that is emerging from the vastly talented state of California. The new Midi Mecca is consistently showing and proving to the world that THEY have a new sound that's ummm... unf*ckwittable, but far from confrontational. They embrace all listeners and fans, and are thankful for the attention paid (and cover hopefully).
Next up from the Golden State is Free The Robots, a nom de plume for one Chris Alfaro. After spending time producing for MCs and DJing, Free The Robots emerged as an experimental side project. Years passed it had grown to become a staple in the local experimental beat community.

Having performed all over including the famed Low End Theory, Alpha Pup took notice and quickly inked him to a deal. The years of programming, chopping, cut n pasting are coming to a head with the release of CTRL ALT DELETE.

Once again, the 'anything goes' mantra resonates heavily. With California as current, come the crate full of inspiration, and they all manifest in this composition. Think jambalaya. From chopped samples riding a big booming beat in Wandering Gypsy, to the slow electronic flow of Turbulence, CTRL ALT DELETE is 13 track deep, scripted with influences coming from even more sources. Jazz, Punk, Hip Hop, each song sheds light on Free The Robots' programming mind, each needing to be [APPLE] D'ed. In fact, I just [APPLE] S'ed all of them.

CTRL ALT DELETE should be in all reputable shops March 30th 2010, and tour dates w/ the Golden State warriors Glitch Mob have been announced as of yesterday including Toronto.

1 May 2010 20:00 Double Door Chicago, Illinois
2 May 2010 20:00 Majestic Theatre Detroit, Michigan
3 May 2010 20:00 Grog Shop Cleveland, Ohio
4 May 2010 20:00 Wrong Bar Toronto, Ontario
5 May 2010 20:00 Middle East Boston, Massachusetts
7 May 2010 20:00 Highline Ballroom New York, New York
8 May 2010 20:00 Bourbon St. Ballroom Baltimore, Maryland
9 May 2010 20:00 The Hat Factory Richmond, Virginia
10 May 2010 20:00 Green Street Club Greensboro, North Carolina
12 May 2010 20:00 Club 828 Ashville, North Carolina
13 May 2010 20:00 Valarium Knoxville, Tennessee
14 May 2010 20:00 Limelight Nashville, Tennessee
15 May 2010 20:00 New Earth Music Hall Athens, Georgia
16 May 2010 20:00 Masquerade Atlanta, Georgia
18 May 2010 20:00 Alabama Music Box Mobile, Alabama
20 May 2010 20:00 House of Blues New Orleans, Louisiana
21 May 2010 20:00 Rich’s Houston, Texas
22 May 2010 20:00 La Zona Rosa Austin, Texas
23 May 2010 20:00 Trees Dallas, Texas
25 May 2010 20:00 City Walk Oklahoma City, Oklahoma
27 May 2010 20:00 2720 St. Louis, Missouri
28 May 2010 20:00 Conspiracy Room Kansas City, Missouri
2 Jun 2010 20:00 Sugar Victoria, British Columbia
3 Jun 2010 20:00 Venue Vancouver, British Columbia
4 Jun 2010 20:00 Roseland Theatre Portland, Oregon
5 Jun 2010 20:00 Showbox Market Seattle, Washington
6 Jun 2010 20:00 Arcata Theatre Arcata, California
9 Jun 2010 20:00 Catalyst Santa Cruz, California
12 Jun 2010 20:00 Fillmore Auditorium San Francisco, California

Here's a taste of what's to come...


Orion's Belt Buckle || download

Shouts to the good ppl @ Alpha Pup for the download.


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