Thursday, March 4, 2010

DOOM: The Good, The Bad And The Doom pt1 [VIDEO]

It's been a week since the Doom debacle in Toronto.
Now, many out there caught my tweets, me calling out Doom for what was pretty much a poor showing of faith, and a poor show, period.

Here we were thinking that after all the Doomposter shows, the biggest hurdle was getting him to show up.
Well, show up he did. Kinda. More like, he mailed it in.
You see for the record: I'm a Doom fan. Wrd. The bangers are undeniable. BUT... what he did that night was simply inexcusable.

And I say this knowing all that the promoter went through to insure that he would show up.
The arguments, the lies, the ruses etc... And despite all that, the good ppl @ REMG were able to get him across the sometime capricious Canadian border. Mind you, it took 2 extra hours since he tried to slide in w/o the visa paper work he was sent far in advance.

By the time he arrived to the venue, some ppl had left but many stayed, as they should have: they paid $40 in adv to get to see this masked villain. He had not been back to Toronto in sometime. In fact, he was likely looking @ a new gen of fans. It had been THAT long. Agitated, the remaining crowd was pelting the opening DJs w/ cans....

So in a cruel joke, he sends out a doomposter to run the 1st verse of his opening track, only to come in right behind moments later. PHEW. So the 1st few moments were punctuated by a collective SIGH of relief as once again, Toronto was being spoiled with the real Doom, after all the very well documented no shows. But after the very quick honeymoon, this sort of marriage vow renewal took a turn for the worst.

Having skipped soundcheck (by design), and what likely was the fact that he doesn't plan or rehearse shows (his team was/is in NY, and he was in Atlanta), the wheels simply fell off. Not to bore you w/ detail, he kept turning his back to crowd, chatting w/ DJ - likely to figure out what to do next. Then, as I mentioned in a tweet, his DJ was messing up and eventually - no more music. Dead air. Doom and his hype man talking, stalling, for an excrutating 10-15 mins. So much so that @ one point, this dead show, seemed in fact done, and ppl started to file out, prob happy that this mercy killing was finally over. But in a last gasp of *Air* (w/o Dabrye), he found the sound to do 2-3 more songs, w/ a very confused audience in attendance, one that I had long forgotten he was still the headliner. And then, it was all over.

Out of what was around a 50 min show, maybe 30 mins were music, 20 of which were his own, and 15 mins were actually fun (all @ the start mind you). Ugh.

Well, i'll let you watch what might have been the best segments of the show. Word was that Doom never allowed digis @ his shows, but wanted some of this one to PROVE to the world that he did shows. Well, the bigger question now is, does he do good shows?

[UPDATE March 8th]

Pt 2 is now up.



  1. Looking forward to part 2.........

  2. Ahh. Wifey was telling me about this! The villain strikes again...


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