Monday, March 1, 2010

DIBIA$E Releases Cakeology EP

Mr DIBIA$E, or Da Real Dibia$e is def keeping busy this top of 2010. After a significant release @ the top of the year, he follows that up w/ another EP from Fat City: Cakeology EP.

For those in the know and accustomed to DIBIA$E's baked goods, we can expect the same sweets that have made him the renown LA beat pastry chef that he is. With his apron and his trusty 404, he handily creates his famous mélange of phrases, echoing samples, blending all of it smoothly in his MPC. Add on the icing sugars (like Ricky, Julian and Bubbles) and sprinkles of colorful lo-fi effects and you get this rich gateau, aka Cakeology EP.
For those just getting their 1st taste, just make sure you brush after. Dem sh*ts is sweeter than Krispy Kremes!

Brazilian Lady - DIBIA$E


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