Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Busy: m0ths Invasion

it's been almost a month since i've had Busy's m0ths EP in rotation in the Pod. Impressive. I had 1st come across dude a whist back but hadn't kept up w/ his work (bad Hza). But, I kept him on my radar, and recently decided to holla @ the Maryland, USA resident to do a piece. Though I will get that one up in the next week or so, I did want to chat about this new EP.

Coming from the good ppl @ Circulations in JPN, this m0ths EP's inspiration came through one night whilst watching The Discovery channel as Busy puts it.
"I was watching Discovery channel one night, and just decided to make a project based on the life and thoughts of a moth. It’s half beat and half atmospheric, representative of the moth’s properties -solid yet ethereal."
Indeed. When listening to this EP, we are definitely taken on a bit of mysterious progression, making your way through a melodic mist of electronic, occasionally evacuated by that classic 4/4 beat and cadence. Tight.

This is one EP you need to get your hands on. No question. I'm working this into my sets as we speak.

A Camphoraceous Elixir || m0ths || Download (right click)

Qaqoon || m0ths

Witch Hunt || m0ths

You can check the rest of the works as it's now out on iTunes and should be out on wax as well. Check your local boutiques for the goods. Love the artwork btw. Say wrd.


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