Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Alex B & Alpha Pup Enjoy Moments [DWNLD]

Alex B may not be your more widely recognized name, but that will change in a single Moment.
Hailing from Boulder Colorado, a city once known for its miners who excavated for gold, silver and coal, is the afore mentioned and equally a digger of his own, Alex B.
Well schooled in hip hop with the classic tools (MPC etc...), and an accomplished musician who also toured with a band, he soon moved naturally to penning and producing future beats, electronic space as many of us have.
He now takes his mastery of Ableton Live on the road, whilst still working on music and his own label Elm and Oak.
Spoke to him mins ago as I wrote this, and he was on a 30 dates, 5 week tour. Do the math. Grind*ING.
His work caught the eye (and ear) of the good ppl over @ Alpha Pup Records, and that has resulted in them scheduling the release of his debut LP: Moments:

Many moments were had indeed.
Sometime back, I he sent me a mix mostly made of his own material, which flaunted much of his affinity for arrangements. Moments brought those all back. From the diffusive Nothing is Always Something, to the power chords that electrify through Pad 5, to Standing On Me which suddenly hits w/ an entirely new melody mid way in, Moments will unquestionably have the aficionados of the sound wheeling it (as we love to say).
April 6th, we will be blessed with the inaugural release of Elm and Oak, his 1st release entitled Moments. But to set the pace, we have a freebie courtesy of the good ppl @ XLR8. Show Love.

Alex B || You and I Both Know || Download

Alex B || Pad 5

Alex B || Nothing Is Always Something




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