Monday, February 22, 2010

New Flying Lotus: Track from COSMOGRAMMA

Steve (nom de plume, Flying Lotus) and I had a conversation last November on where he was taking this genre (which for the better part will be officially listed under electronic) and the sky was the limit really. For all the listeners of the music, the readers of the blogs/periodicals, we still have a ton of ppl who have not heard or been exposed to the sound. He's coming for you this year (as I am too. LOL).
As I sat there listening to his album (pre master) in the hills of LA, this rush came over me, and I was thinking: boom it's happening. I've had the op to see him live quite a few times (last year's RBMA tour, and some dates in between including WARP20 NYC, my fave).
He's got a bunch of dates coming up and you need to be there if he's hitting your town. You can check the dates w/ Pitchfork.
But in the meantime, some new Flying Lotus.


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